Clarity + Video Strategy =

Velocity in your results, revenue and resiliency...



You can prosper in a world with COVID-19.

In fact, this is the best time in recent history for midlife achievers to

use video strategy to

build your personal brand and

monetize your expertise online.

Feeling uncertain? Here is one thing you can count on:

Video meetings and video marketing are here to stay.

Yup. Sorry if that makes you wince.

Hey, I get it. 

You didn't grow up taking 10 selfies a day and making YouTube videos with your cat,

so it may feel strange to be on video so much.

Let's make this easier for you.

First things first - before you go any further with video, let's

simplify your ability to look your best on Zoom and other videos.

Are you ready to look more professional on Zoom and all video, forevermore, in 1 hour or less?

The Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart shows you exactly how. 


No thanks, I have a different question.

Having trouble adapting to video as the new normal?

You are not alone. This 2 minute will help:

Kala Philo, Video Strategist and Founder
15 years experience as Marketing Video Producer 
and writer, videographer, editor,
with a marketing and statistics business degree. 

Not a film school grad, actress, or on-camera personality 
(although I used to supervise folks like that.)

What others say about us. 


By Kala Philo
​ Video Coach and CEO, MYB on Video
15 years as Marketing Video Producer for entrepreneurs

Do you feel like doing video for your brand and business is complex and overwhelming?
It's not your fault.

Just a few short years ago, imagery for our professional life consisted of a well-done head shot.

Fast (and I mean REALLY fast) forward to now. 

Video content is rapidly taking over on the internet, and is having a huge (and I mean REALLY huge) impact on marketing.

In fact, Cisco estimates that 80% of online consumer traffic will be video by next year.

​Facebook is betting heavily on video and wants to become the TV of the web.

Google, who owns YouTube,  favors sites with video content on YouTube over static pages.

This can be intimidating for those of us who didn’t grow up seeing themselves on YouTube with their cat, or posting selfies every 20 minutes. When we enter midlife, we may be starting a second career, or leaving corporate to become and entrepreneur. Thousands of midlife changemakers are taking the leap every day! It's exciting!

But let's face it. Being "seen" on video is uncomfortable at this time in midcareer for a lot of reasons. 

I know you've got questions. I've heard all of them over the last 15 years as a Marketing Video Producer for entrepreneurs.

The difference back then was, I was creating the videos for them.

And now that we live in this amazing time when anyone with a smartphone can build a vibrant personal brand just by shooting their own video! 

 I'm hearing these kinds of questions from midlife coaches, consultants, and course creators:

How do I make the lighting look better?
Do I need a mic? What should I say?
Do I need to buy a fancy camera? 
How can I make my videos look better? They just don't look right. 
What's the best editing program?
Do I need a YouTube channel?


Truth time:

Online marketing is moving to MORE video, not less.

If you are the face of your business,

you are building a personal brand,

and the modern personal brands that will survive and prosper are driven by video content. 

We aren't talking just one or two videos.

It doesn't matter if you are on Facebook, Instagram, building a YouTube channel, posting videos to LinkedIN...
The key to supercharging your visibility and results is
quality videos released on a consistent schedule and repurposed across your social channels. 

Ouchie. Creating lots of video, consistently, is even more challenging. 

Where to even start? 

What you don't need:
Endless "How To" options with complicated tech setups.  Too often the advice about video is overly complex. You don't need to wait until the stars align to start doing video. 

What you do need:
Like other systems in our business (accounting, email strategies, marketing funnels), video production is complex, especially for midlife coaches and consultants with little or no video experience.  We need  a SIMPLIFIED system to create great QUALITY video, CONSISTENTLY.  

But before you even get there, you need to SIMPLIFY. It all starts with your Video Homebase.

A Video Homebase, so you can quit futzing with tech, and instead start shooting more video and: 

Build Confidence: Studies show that anxiety thrives on uncertainty and overwhelm.
You CAN get past camera anxiety and build video confidence, and the first step is a Video Homebase.

Create Ease: You can implement a video strategy and create more video, easily, with a Video Homebase. 

Save Time: You can build a pipeline of videos scheduled to go out every week, with a Video Homebase.

Make Money: Creating teaching or course videos, marketing shorts, consulting  with clients via videoconferencing - it all starts with your Video Homebase.

Barb's Story

Maybe you can relate to my client Barb's experience.

As a Life Coach for teen girls, for years Barb has been blogging and posting to Facebook like clockwork for years, yet her business was still growing at a snail's pace.  She started to experiment with video.

She says, "Once I saw how many more people were seeing my video posts, compared to the old static ones, I knew I wanted to do more video. Finally, when an out-of-town client asked if one of my workshops was available on video, I took it as a sign."

One big challenge though - like many midlife women, Barb admits to a bad case of techphobia.

She would much rather be walking around Lady Bird Lake in Austin with a young client than dealing with video gear. Sound familiar?

She was confused about the video tech and didn't know how to make her videos look better. 

Using our Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart as her foundation, Barb set up her Video Homebase and dramatically improved the look of her videos. She is now confidently creating videos for several online courses, as well as weekly videos for social media.

She now has triple the engagement on Facebook with her videos compared to before when she wasn't doing video consistently.
See her new look for yourself in these before and after screenshots. 



Isn't the CONFIDENCE in the second photo amazing?  What is her secret?

The secret 
to creating lots of quality video with ease is to make it easy on yourself and create a Video Homebase- a home or office mini video studio.

Unfortunately, MOST of the women I meet get stuck right here.

We get bogged down with bad advice that over-complicates this step.
We have kids, laundry and dogs on the couch. Sometimes all at once.
We think we need a whole room in our house to do quality video.
We don't like the way we look, sound or feel on camera. 
We experience overwhelm, and end up putting off video once again.
We "wing it" and just start shooting, aren't happy with the results, and basically never want to look at those videos again. 

​This is NOT how to build confidence on video.

There is an easier way to create more quality video, in less time, with ease and confidence.