I'm Kala Philo. I am an internet entrepreneur.

My ZOG (zone of genius) is writing and video for audience engagement. 

I help positive, ambitious achievers create scroll-stopping content and strategies to deepen engagement online, serve at a higher level, and build wealth and legacy with their online personal brand.









Channeling my inner Valkyrie on a hike in #Iceland 

An engaged online audience is the key to charting your own course and prospering in uncertain times.

To succeed, you need visibility,
on-point messaging,
and scroll-stopping brand videos.
Lucky for you, we got you covered. <3

Visibility Velocity Mastermind

Are you ready to scale your online audience? 

Are you ready to go big
to grow your following,
move beyond 1:1 client work,
make more money,
control your destiny,
take care of your family and community, and in general just create a bigger dent in the Universe?

Hey, me too! I am building visibility in 2021 for my author / writer brand, so we will be working together on going bigger. 

Psst. Is doing more or better video on your list?

This is the ONLY personal branding growth mastermind that includes an optional comprehensive course teaching you how to do video. 

Not only do you learn how to save time and money creating quality DIY marketing videos, plus you get my expert support via the Mastermind and feedback from the other members on their video journey.

Not ready for your closeup? That's fine.

You don't have to do video in the mastermind, but if you want to finally master consistent video, this is BY FAR the best value on the planet.

More info here:

 Visibility Velocity Mastermind

V3 Video Service

Scroll-Stopping Brand Story Videos from the V3 Team

Take your videos from forgettable to share-worthy with our 60 second, jaw-dropping, unforgettable shorts.  

Our team nails your brand story with a TKO script and gorgeous visuals, giving you pro video quality at a fraction of the pro video pricetag. 

This lil' video above is a passion project we created for our favorite mentor Tim Grover, MJ's trainer, bestselling author of Relentless.

Nice, huh?

We understand your intensity, because we have it too. We met in Tim Grover's DnD mastermind. Hit the button to learn more. 

V3 Video Service