I'm Kala Philo. 


My innovative V3 system helps you

stand out and attract new

Superfans with short, pro-quality







Building an engaged online audience is the key to charting your own course in uncertain waters.

You already know, the opportunities to serve your people are ginormous.

So is the competition.

You must break through the noise and 

build trust quickly with emotional, story-driven, testable videos. 

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Wanna see?  

Check out the V3 team's 60 second, jaw-dropping passion project short video for our mentor Tim Grover, legendary trainer for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and author of bestselling book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable. 

Mirror Your Brilliance isn't just a catchy name. It is exactly what I do.  My innovative V3 process mirrors the values you share with the people who are out there, looking for you right now. 

Not crazy about being on video? This should give you hope: you don't have to be the star of the videos for people who don't know you.

I give you a detailed example in the 4 Keys for Brilliant Superfan Magnet Video guide - you can sign up for it above.

This kind of video is about your audience - it should leave them wanting to know more about you because you have proven you understand them. 

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Mirror Your Brilliance

“One of Kala's superpowers is taking a complicated process and putting into bite sized, doable pieces that leads to success of others. ”

Founder, Barb Steinberg, Inc

Mirror Your Brilliance

“Some of those questions you asked me kept me up at night! Thank you, I have definitely gotten my money's worth.”

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