Hello there! 

I'm Kala Philo. 

I help changemakers in transition clarify personal brand,
mirror their brilliance,

and attract Superfans for Life






Building a trustworthy, clear personal brand to serve an engaged audience

is the key to long term security in uncertain waters.

You already know, the opportunities online to scale your impact and revenue are giiiinormous.

So is the competition.

Stand out from the small fry with clarity on your uniqueness, who you serve, why, and how. 
Turbo-charge your strategy and  build trust quickly with emotional,  value-based, story-driven, testable videos. 

Wanna see?  

Check out the our 60 second, jaw-dropping passion project short video for our mentor Tim Grover, legendary trainer for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and co-author of bestselling book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable and the recently released new book W1nning.


Are you in transition? I can help you with that. 

Are You Ready to Show Up? 

The packages below are a result of working with clients in transition - personal, professional, or both. As someone who thrives on change and living an unconventional life, I'm uniquely qualified to help others navigate the transition to organizing and nurturing a vibrant online brand.

I help clients gain clarity, stay relevant, stand out from the small fry, and exploit video for the the fast-paced world of online marketing. 
Which is basically 99% of marketing today.

Not sure where to start?  I offer an overview starter session to help you get clarity on your vision and next steps.

Starter Session Info HERE

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Surprise! We don't start with video. We start with getting supah clear on the basics of your personal brand, who the videos are for and what the goal is for the video initiative.

Some clients already know those answers and don't need this package. 

For clients who aren't sure, I help you clarify your purpose, audience, core messaging  and goals for Phase One.  

Once we have clarity on your personal brand elements, your audience and initial message, we move on to Phase Two - video. 

Drop us a line to learn more. 

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Brand Awareness


1 minute scroll-stopping shorts for brand awareness. We make a fab first impression and attract your Superfans with short, emotional videos about shared values.

Learn More Here

BrilliantBio Video

Build Trust and Engagement


Did you know that aside from the homepage, the About Me page is the MOST visited page on most websites? 

The Brilliant Bio video tells your story with evocative visuals and script. This video is a fantastic way to build trust, drive engagement and increase conversions on your About Me page.

Drop us a line to learn more. 

Mirror Your Brilliance isn't just a catchy name.

It is exactly what I do. 

I work with small, intense creative teams to help you mirror the values you share with the people who are out there, looking for you right now. 

Not crazy about being on video? This should give you hope: If you are building personal brand, you do have to show your face in some way, but your performance doesn't have to carry the whole video.

Our video above for Tim Grover is a perfect example. That video is for people who don't know him, so we reveal him after we've hooked the audience. 

I give you another detailed example in the 4 Keys for Brilliant Superfan Magnet Video guide - you can sign up for it above.

Curious about how that works? Drop us a line to learn more. 

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Mirror Your Brilliance

“One of Kala's superpowers is taking a complicated process and putting into bite sized, doable pieces that leads to success of others. ”

Founder, Barb Steinberg, Inc

Mirror Your Brilliance

“Some of those questions you asked me kept me up at night! Thank you, I have definitely gotten my money's worth.”

CEO, Lifts and Leaders

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