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The Impactoverse platform connects impact-driven companies and enterprises to the Impactoverse of Web 3 funding, fans, the future of finance and a bit of fun!

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Whats up with artificial intelligence, DeFi, NFTs, crypto, blockchain, IoT, XaaS, Metaverse, rise of the bots... 


What are Web3 technologies?

How can they help (more) humans? (impact!)

How do world-changers attract the mainstream audience for impact investing and philanthropy using Web3 tools?? (spoiler alert: empathy)

And while we're at it, how do we expand Web3 opportunities for billions of marginalized folks, not just billionaires? 

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Blog and Book Author
THE WAY OF THE TIGRESS: How to Use Travel for Inner Transformation.

I wrote the book on it. 

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Are you going through a quarter or mid or even 3/4 life crisis?  Are you overwhelmed with the changes happening in your life?

Wait! Don't buy that sports car you can't afford, have that affair, or kill your credit rating with retail therapy until you read my book. 

It turns out TRAVEL is an underrated tool for successfully managing life transitions. I know this from deep experience. I drastically downsized to a minimalist lifestyle at age 50 to travel and work remotely -  5 years before COVID.  

Learn more about blog and book: 
The Way of the Tigress: Inner Journey / Outer Adventure to a More Powerful You

Note: Stalking cocos with a machete 9 m up a wobbly ladder in Mexico is optional.