How Mirror Your Brilliance on Video is Different.


I'm Kala. During my 15 years as a marketing video producer, I have seen first hand how challenging it is for entrepreneurs and small business owners to create quality, compelling marketing videos.  

If you have questions, are confused or simply not sure where to start, you are in the right place. 

We are not a video production company that creates videos for clients, although I used to do that quite a bit. 

I do not have a corporate background in TV, or with a big ad agency or production house. While the traditional worlds of TV and big video production are great for some things, they tend to have very complex processes when it comes to video. 

I've worked for myself most of my life.  When my kids were young, I leveraged my marketing degree into flextime freelancing as a Marketing Video Producer (and filmmaker, video editor, and writer) for entrepreneurs and non-profits for 15 years.  

I created Mirror Your Brilliance because people like us - midlife achievers building brand and business online  - asked me for simpler options The other options for video help - well-meaning yet overly complex, or missing a key part of the marketing puzzle - were not speaking to them.

My superpowers are:
From script to edit, I know how to save you time and money with quality DIY video. 
I help you clarify your message and
keep your video strategy laser focused on your audience. 

all without complicating your life with more options than you need.

Clients come to us at different stages of readiness for video. 

From just getting started to ramping up  a complete video strategy, we have effective, simplified solutions that will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours over the life of doing video for your business.

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If you are interested in more about my journey, I've shared some background below. 

img-9641.jpgLike you, I've come to this point in my entrepreneurial journey via a variety of experiences. 

​I spent 15 years as a marketing video consultant and producer for small businesses and non-profits in Austin and the San Francisco Bay area.

I worked with a video startup in San Francisco, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit executives craft their first videos.

I produced (and shot and edited) short marketing videos for clients of brands such as Yellow Pages.Com and CitySearch.

I consulted on and produced fundraising videos that raised over 1.3 million dollars for clients in the non-profit sector in Santa Rosa. CA.

I also created an innovative project called FarmShorts to create a series of marketing videos to highlight sustainable and organic farms. That's me in the picture, filming down on the farm, with some very loud, woolly subjects wondering why I was perched on their rockpile.

crowdfunded the hard costs of that program to be able to offer the videos to the farmers at no cost. Those videos were later picked up by the local PBS affiliate and have garnered over 75,000 YouTube views (and counting) for agri-tourism and sustainable farms in Northern California.

A few years ago I decided to Play Big and finally succumbed to a chronic case of wanderlust. 

I left the nest really empty. I manifested a life-long dream of minimizing stuff to maximize experiences.

I sold or donated everything that wouldn’t fit into my trusty Honda CRV (with 90,000 miles on the odometer!)  to free up funds and flexibility to travel, meet new amazing people, and take a deep dive into learning more about online marketing.


I traveled solo throughout the western US, Ecuador and Mexico.

I treasured precious time with my amazing millennial kids in Mexico City,  Iceland and the UK.

I lived in the fascinating cultural brew that is Mexico City for 2 years and achieved a life long dream of becoming bilingual in Spanish and English.  Ándale!

I am not wealthy, nor do I receive a stipend or alimony. 

​TMI? Perhaps. But I know I always wonder, when I read about someone living outside the box  - hmm, trust fund or no?

In my case, definativamente no. 

I share that because I want you to know we are not futzing around here.

You see, while I was traveling I also got laser focused on expanding my life with new friendships, improving my professional network and upgrading my skills in online marketing.


I tried, failedand learned as I worked on some other business ideas.

I also met dozens of women building fabulous businesses, and talked with many others about their dream biz ideas. 

When they learned about my background, they always said “Oh, I NEED to be doing video, can you help me?" 

Many of them ask me to put together a guide.

​I thought, "We don't need another 5 page download "guide" that tells them how to do only pieces of this".

​What I know is that video production benefits from a SYSTEM. 

Its not helpful to know what mic to buy, if you don't know what the heck to say, 

why you are saying it,
who you are talking to
and how to find them.

It's not helpful to get advice on 5 different video cameras, 

when all you really need is your smartphone for decent video. 

The problem is, video production is complex. But it doesn't have to be hard.

​We simply get bogged down in the tech aspects, the fear and mindset doubts, the lack of a big picture.
I thought, "What we need is a system. I know how to do this". 

And voila! The Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method was born.

If you follow the MYB Method from start to finish, you CAN efficiently create and leverage fabulous smartphone videos to grow your audience, increase conversions, build "know like and trust" faster, and ultimately increase your sales. 

Id' love to know how I can help you! To best do that, the first step is to learn more about your business and questions around video. 

Tell me all about it!