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I've come to this point in my entrepreneurial journey via a variety of experiences. 

For 15 years I was a freelance marketing video consultant, producer, videographer, writer and video editor for small businesses and non-profits in Austin and the San Francisco Bay area. 

About seven years ago, I decided to Play Big and finally succumbed to a chronic case of wanderlust. I downsized drastically to manifest a life-long dream of minimizing stuff to maximize travel experiences.

I adopted a remote work lifestyle 5 years before COVID-19 put the world in time out. That's me, on my gold sofa, at my favorite coffee shop in Mexico City where I lived for two years.

I'm a creative with equally strong left and right brain. Part geek, part artist. Sometimes they fight. Writing is where they seem to play the best together. 

I've always like innovation and emerging technologies. I cut my teeth on the 1990s Internet, creating simple webpages for small business clients. HTML 1.0, anyone?  I had that book.

Before YouTube was even a blip on the horizon, I showed up at the first SXSW Interactive Conference as a streaming video re-seller, trying to sell bandwidth packages to struggling filmmakers. 

I've also always liked the idea of business for good. I even met Muhumad Yunus in the '90s at a community breakfast in Austin, before he was famous and won the Nobel Peace Prize. I had a 5-minute convo with him in the corner — just us two!! — and I got his business card. It's still a major talisman for me. In 2009 I also started Austin's first Social Business discussion group.  I've been a KIVA supporter since they launched in 2005.

And now, I am obsessed with the evolving Web3 world and its potential to create enterprises that help billions of people.

For fifteen years before COVID, I was an online marketing video producer and consultant. I spent the COVID-19 lockdowns in my hometown Houston, witnessing the Black Lives Matter protests, watching helicopters circling above the city at 3 AM. During lockdowns, I realized I was out of alignment.

As I navigated some personal burnout, all of this caused me to reflect on where I was going. Perhaps you had a similar experience?

I spent most of 2021 in a pivot. I'm doing work that is aligned with my gifts, passion and purpose, which is to help ambitious people grow, and to work with them to create a more equitable world. 

You can read all about it here.

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