When You Just Don't Want to Do It Anymore


Have you ever woken up with a YES hangover - you said yes to an activity, an event, a relationship, a job or business that sounded SO great at the time...

To realize that you are just not feeling it, out of energy, with no end in sight, wondering what happened?

Russell Brunson tells a story about waking up one day, knowing the company he was building (before he co-founded Clickfunnels), was taking off like wildfire, yet he didn’t want to get out of bed. Why? Because he had built a...

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Monetize Your Midlife Brilliance - Show #1. Why Now is the Perfect Time

Start before you are ready, they said.
It will all be OK, they said.
You know what? They are right!

I did a thing. Show #1 of the Monetize Your Midlife Brilliance on YouTube. Livestream baby.
Well, no. I wanted to livestream but ran into technical difficulrties. Let's just say YouTube live was glitchy.

So I did it again with Zoom. The resolution isn't great.
My good mic is in Mexico, where I can't get it for months most likely. (I am in Houston now, more on that in a bit)

Better done than...

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Leadership on Video: What We Can Learn from Queen Elizabeth's video

Last week I shared a video about why sharing your wisdom on video is crucial right now.
And now what a gift that we have this strong example of Queen Elizabeth doing exactly that. If you haven't seen it, I've linked to it at the bottom of the post.

Now, I am not a celebrity royal watcher. I could care less about the clothes and the drama.

I lived in London for a bit in college. Recently I watched the entire Netflix series The Crown, yet still didn’t really understand the point of a...

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Are You Bullying Your Followers and Don't Even Realize It? Insights for Personal Brands

video will be live at 9:00 am CDT on 2/11/20
Sign up for a 20 minute Zoom presentation Risky Business: Facebook 2020 on Thursday 2/13 at 12:00 Central time.

Like many people,I watched Facebook and Twitter blow up during and after halftime at the Superbowl.

One post in particular caught my eye. It was written by a woman I admire, she’s a successfulentrepreneur who is building her following.

Her post was impassioned, and it was defensive and judgmental of anyone who didn’t agree...

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Video Tidal Wave 2018 - Jump On or Get Washed Out

There should be a Tsunami warning blaring. I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed and every post features a video. Every. Single. One.

When I did my planning for this year, I thought, "Whoa, this video tidal wave is growing faster than most of us can imagine." I got a queasy feeling in my stomach, like the time we rode out a hurricane in La Paz, Mexico. You prepare, scramble, stock up and wait for it to hit. At least we had some notice. I think about people who live in areas where they...

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The Hallmark Holiday Story Arc

Confession time. I have been binge watching Hallmark holiday movies with my mom while visiting Montana this month. Lots of small town snowfalls, making up under the mistletoe, and no straying from the storyformula.

As schmaltzy as the moviesare, there is just something so satisfying about a happy ending. That and my mom’s commentary is a hoot.

This is the basic story arc:

1. The bad news
2. Shining the light in the dark place, aha moment
3. Then the good news.

This got me thinking about the power...

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Oh, I Could Never Do That

On my first solo trip in Ecuador, 2015
I could never do that.

A friend said that on a call the other day, we were talking about stretch goals, and her comment has lingered with me since then.

I’ve just finished 2 days of batch shooting videos, about 30 total. I'm a little fried.

Yesterday’s focus was a lot of mindset content, and that has me thinking about fear. In my business, fear is usually the cute elephant in a pink tutu in the room. Most women have some fear of video.

When was the...

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Facebook Live Blues? YouTube Live stuttering? If your live streaming video quality isn't dreamy, this may be why.

Just about the time I moved to Todos Santos, Mexico for the summer, I started experimenting with Live Video. In Mexico City, my internet had been great, so I hadn’t even thought about the requirements for Live Video.

It turns out my internet connection here is less than optimal. The Universe likes to keep us on our toes, right?

Did I decide to give up and deal with it this fall? NO! I did not give up on Live video!

I investigated some co-working spaces with super fast connections, and I...

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Extreme Video Shot Makeover and Simple Tech setup info

As part of our 30 Minute Business Video Basics Summer School, today we did an extreme makeover of sound, lighting and composition (aka where to put your face in the frame).

You can see the video HERE.

I did it via Facebook live which is why it is in vertical orientation. (also known as "portrait" mode). The same principles apply for horizontal (landscape) filming, too.

I startwith the existing lighting and showed you easy ways how to fix or improve the shot. Then I showyou the option of...

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Recovering A Student, Rocking my solid C on Facebook Live this past week.

Talking with top ranked coach and branding strategist Lisa Guillot fromBeBright Lisa and the biggest take away that I didn't expect. If youstruggle with perfectionism, this post is for you.
So lets just get right to it with my big FAT FAIL ON FACEBOOK LIVE. YUP. LIVE.
I really enjoyed talking with Lisa Guillot yesterday as part of the 30 minute FVFD Video Basics summer school.
Lisa is an entrepreneur, life and leadership coach and brand strategist. Shebrings big brand and marketing techniques...

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