Monetize Your Midlife Brilliance - Show #1. Why Now is the Perfect Time

Start before you are ready, they said. 
It will all be OK, they said. 
You know what? They are right! 

I did a thing. Show #1 of the Monetize Your Midlife Brilliance on YouTube. Livestream baby. 
Well, no. I wanted to livestream but ran into technical difficulrties. Let's just say YouTube live was glitchy. 

So I did it again with Zoom. The resolution isn't great.
My good mic is in Mexico, where I can't get it for months most likely. (I am in Houston now, more on that in a bit)

Better done than perfect, especially at this time! 

In this video, I cover -

Why the world needs to hear from you. Now.
What we are learning about building our economic independence and resilience.  

How to work with the fear even when the uncertainty is relentless. 
I should know, I’m a COVID-19 refugee in an Airbnb in Houston at the moment, living out of a suitcase. I've also decided to stay, but more about that another time. 

Practical matters: 
What sectors are business as almost usual, if not booming? 

Why is midlife a perfect time for upleveling your life, particularly this generation. If you are a midlife achiever, now is the perfect time to consider building your personal brand and monetizing your expertise online.​

Finally, what matters in the models of monetizing your brilliance online if you are a consultant, trusted expert, coach, corporate leader or mentor. 

Start before you are ready. Because guess what - some part of you probably IS ready. Don't starve the inspiration waiting for the stars to align.


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