When You Just Don't Want to Do It Anymore


Have you ever woken up with a YES hangover - you said yes to an activity, an event, a relationship, a job or business that sounded SO great at the time...

To realize that you are just not feeling it, out of energy, with no end in sight, wondering what happened?

Russell Brunson tells a story about waking up one day, knowing the company he was building (before he co-founded Clickfunnels), was taking off like wildfire, yet he didn’t want to get out of bed. Why? Because he had built a...

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Ordering the Complexity: Setting Up Your Video Strategy and System

Apologies to any vegetarians, this isn't meant to promote eating beef. Its a messy desk in a Montana office (not mine, btw)!
Do you remember the messy kid in class? The one with papers flying out of his notebook, always borrowing a pen, shoes untied, and a backpack that hadn't been cleaned out since pre-K?

That's a little bit how you might thinking about video. Its the messy kid in class for your business.

It all seems like a hopelessjumble of steps and confusing gear.

It doesn't have to...

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3 Simple Steps  - How to save money and create engaging YouTube marketing videos with your smartphone

We have all seen some pretty awful videos on YouTube - terrible lighting, awkward composition and big stinky dogs on couches. I love big stinky dogs but not on the couch, with their privates showing, in a business video. Very distracting. I only mention this because I actually saw this in a video once, from a business coach.

We’ve also seen some web-celebs with gorgeous loft studios and a professional video crew. That's on my bucket list, too!

But not today.

Like me, you likely have limited...

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Essential Video for your Business Marketing Strategy  #1: ​Testimonials!

No excuses! This is the number one type of video you can start working on today!

Testimonials: These are golden, do you know why?

  1. ROI is fantastic - there is almost no production expense - because you are not shooting them.
  2. There is no excuse not to start on them - because you are not shooting them.
  3. They give your business “social proof” - potential clients trust word of mouth from peers more than they do your marketing. Makes sense, no?
  4. They are highly effective, especially when done...

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