A visual tour of why your audience is hurting

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Walk a Mile In Their Shoes

As marketers and content creators, it's good practice to step away from the desk once in awhile and take a mental walk in the "real world" of the people we are here to serve. How is it going for them out there? 

It is no surprise that since March in the US, time spent on social media has increased. This chart from a June post on Statista shows just how much. 

It will take years for in-person meetings and business travel to return to pre-Covid...

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How Video Saves You Time While Helping Your Better Serve Your Clients

So today we're talking about video as the ultimate shortcut.

And what do I mean by that?

Well, there's several ways that could be the case, but here's an example.

I have a colleague and she's a super talented headshot photographer working with people for their personal branding.

She provides a really premium experience, which includes hair and makeup.Her manner of doing things and the way that her studio is set up - all is primed for the ultimate client experience in getting their headshot...

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Monetize Your Midlife Brilliance - Show #1. Why Now is the Perfect Time

Start before you are ready, they said.
It will all be OK, they said.
You know what? They are right!

I did a thing. Show #1 of the Monetize Your Midlife Brilliance on YouTube. Livestream baby.
Well, no. I wanted to livestream but ran into technical difficulrties. Let's just say YouTube live was glitchy.

So I did it again with Zoom. The resolution isn't great.
My good mic is in Mexico, where I can't get it for months most likely. (I am in Houston now, more on that in a bit)

Better done than...

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Leadership on Video: What We Can Learn from Queen Elizabeth's video

Last week I shared a video about why sharing your wisdom on video is crucial right now.
And now what a gift that we have this strong example of Queen Elizabeth doing exactly that. If you haven't seen it, I've linked to it at the bottom of the post.

Now, I am not a celebrity royal watcher. I could care less about the clothes and the drama.

I lived in London for a bit in college. Recently I watched the entire Netflix series The Crown, yet still didn’t really understand the point of a...

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Video Tidal Wave 2018 - Jump On or Get Washed Out

There should be a Tsunami warning blaring. I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed and every post features a video. Every. Single. One.

When I did my planning for this year, I thought, "Whoa, this video tidal wave is growing faster than most of us can imagine." I got a queasy feeling in my stomach, like the time we rode out a hurricane in La Paz, Mexico. You prepare, scramble, stock up and wait for it to hit. At least we had some notice. I think about people who live in areas where they...

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What NOT to Say at the Start of your Marketing Videos

5 seconds. That's it.

That is all the time we have to capture attention with our videos.

There are small but important tweaks that can help improve what is called
"retention" - how long someone sticks with your video.

Here is a nice example, one that also
illustrates how my background in marketing AND video production benefits our System and our clients.In a script review for one of our clients, Rebecca Reynolds Moore, Founder of InANutshell Consulting, I see that she starts by introducing...

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Ordering the Complexity: Setting Up Your Video Strategy and System

Apologies to any vegetarians, this isn't meant to promote eating beef. Its a messy desk in a Montana office (not mine, btw)!
Do you remember the messy kid in class? The one with papers flying out of his notebook, always borrowing a pen, shoes untied, and a backpack that hadn't been cleaned out since pre-K?

That's a little bit how you might thinking about video. Its the messy kid in class for your business.

It all seems like a hopelessjumble of steps and confusing gear.

It doesn't have to...

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Steal This: Video Tips from 5 Female Entrepreneurs with Great YouTube Channels

After last week's post, where I pointed out the lack of marketing video on websites of top female coaches, I wanted to follow up with some specific inspiration.

Below are 5 YouTube channels from a random sample of life and business coaches / consultants; professional women with different niches, brands and ages.

I’m highlighting these to show you thatgrowing your marketing, outreach and education with a YouTube channel iswithin the realm of possibility for any entrepreneur

You do not have...

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How to reel in your video and Youtube audience with a strong opener.

5 seconds. That's it.

That is all the time we have to capture attention with our videos. The opening line of your Youtube marketing videos is super important.

There are small but important tweaks to the introduction, or opening line, that can help improve what is called"audience retention" - how long someone sticks with your video.

Here is a nice example. In a script review for one of our clients, Rebecca Reynolds Moore, Founder of InANutshell Consulting, I see that she starts by...

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Clarify your priority before you shoot marketing videos - is your message for you or for your audience?

After ending a 26 year marriage, selling or donating everything I owned, adopting a digital nomad lifestyle, and generally going on to re-invent my life, I felt a strong desire to help other women with their midlife struggles. I thought about starting an online community for the midlife journey. There is a beautiful way to gracefully navigate midlife and emerge renewed and excited about what remaining time you might have.

Based on my past interests and experience, I am fortunate to know that...

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