Extreme Video Shot Makeover and Simple Tech setup info

As part of our 30 Minute Business Video Basics Summer School, today we did an extreme makeover of sound, lighting and composition (aka where to put your face in the frame).

You can see the video HERE.

I did it via Facebook live which is why it is in vertical orientation. (also known as "portrait" mode). The same principles apply for horizontal (landscape) filming, too.

I startwith the existing lighting and showed you easy ways how to fix or improve the shot. Then I showyou the option of...

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Recovering A Student, Rocking my solid C on Facebook Live this past week.

Talking with top ranked coach and branding strategist Lisa Guillot fromBeBright Lisa and the biggest take away that I didn't expect. If youstruggle with perfectionism, this post is for you.
So lets just get right to it with my big FAT FAIL ON FACEBOOK LIVE. YUP. LIVE.
I really enjoyed talking with Lisa Guillot yesterday as part of the 30 minute FVFD Video Basics summer school.
Lisa is an entrepreneur, life and leadership coach and brand strategist. Shebrings big brand and marketing techniques...

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Coaches Who are Rocking Video: Expert Interview with Lisa Guillot

Hello! We'll be posting highlights and a transcript next week. The action starts at about 6:30. It took me awhile to figure out how to add Lisa, even though it had worked last week with Patty Lennon's interview.

Well good news is Failure is a great teacher. See the fix and other Facebook Live Lessons Learned inthis post.

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Coaches Who are Rocking Video: Expert Interview with Patty Lennon

I had a fun time chatting with top ranked business coach Patty Lennon how she has used video in her highly successful coaching business. Patty's website is ranked in the top 25 on Google and she has used both Periscope and Facebook Live extensively.

I'll be honest, it was my first Facebook Live shared screen interview and I was so relieved when we got Patty on screen, too. I had done some testing but if there is one thing 15 years in marketing video production taught me, if something can go...

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Wednesday Update Plus Lessons Learned from Facebook Live

Greetings from Todos Santos, Baja Ca Sur, Mexico!

#walkthedog #desertmorning #todossantos #oasis #peace #blueheeler #gooddog

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This town in off season is a fantastic place to get a lot done. Very few distractions.

Speaking of getting stuff done - congratulations to those of you who have finished up taping your videos, and also to those of you who are diving in to the process!

Don’t forget to take it step by step and...

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Extra Credit! Business Video Basics 30 minute Summer School - Free!

Remember Summer School?
When you had to take a couple classes to catch up...
Or MAYBE, just maybe, because most coaches are overachievers, you took classes to get ahead, right? If you follow Amy Porterfield, she often refers to being a recovering A student. I can relate, believe me.
I love summer because its the ultimate season for incorporating work and play. That’s why this summer I’m working from Todos Santos, Mexico.

Join me and Chiki if you are behind and want to catch up on the basics...

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Besties for smart marketing and engagement - Video + Facebook Ads. Expert Interview with Tracy Petrucci.
I sat down with super smart Tracy Petrucci, a Facebook ads specialist and owner of Tracy Petrucci, a boutique social media marketing agency in San Diego. Below are some of the highlights from our conversation about video for Facebook ads - what works, where to start, ideas for ads to leverage, what is retargeting and why its awesome, and more!

Why should people even try a video for Facebook ad?

Well, okay, how much time do we have? : )

I have multiple...

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What NOT to Say at the Start of your Marketing Videos

5 seconds. That's it.

That is all the time we have to capture attention with our videos.

There are small but important tweaks that can help improve what is called
"retention" - how long someone sticks with your video.

Here is a nice example, one that also
illustrates how my background in marketing AND video production benefits our System and our clients.In a script review for one of our clients, Rebecca Reynolds Moore, Founder of InANutshell Consulting, I see that she starts by introducing...

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Ordering the Complexity: Setting Up Your Video Strategy and System

Apologies to any vegetarians, this isn't meant to promote eating beef. Its a messy desk in a Montana office (not mine, btw)!
Do you remember the messy kid in class? The one with papers flying out of his notebook, always borrowing a pen, shoes untied, and a backpack that hadn't been cleaned out since pre-K?

That's a little bit how you might thinking about video. Its the messy kid in class for your business.

It all seems like a hopelessjumble of steps and confusing gear.

It doesn't have to...

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Steal This: Video Tips from 5 Female Entrepreneurs with Great YouTube Channels

After last week's post, where I pointed out the lack of marketing video on websites of top female coaches, I wanted to follow up with some specific inspiration.

Below are 5 YouTube channels from a random sample of life and business coaches / consultants; professional women with different niches, brands and ages.

I’m highlighting these to show you thatgrowing your marketing, outreach and education with a YouTube channel iswithin the realm of possibility for any entrepreneur

You do not have...

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