Ladies, read this if you are afraid of video. It will help immensely.

I hate being on camera.
I hate the way I look.
I sound funny. I don't know what to say.

What will my (INSERT friends, parents, ex, or any other person whose opinion matters to you) think if they see me in video online?

All of those are understandable feelings about being on video.

I'm here to help you get past them. I literally wake up at night thinking about this because its a big threat to the success, if not the existence, of many women-led businesses.

Very soon (like next year) I...

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3 Simple Steps  - How to save money and create engaging YouTube marketing videos with your smartphone

We have all seen some pretty awful videos on YouTube - terrible lighting, awkward composition and big stinky dogs on couches. I love big stinky dogs but not on the couch, with their privates showing, in a business video. Very distracting. I only mention this because I actually saw this in a video once, from a business coach.

We’ve also seen some web-celebs with gorgeous loft studios and a professional video crew. That's on my bucket list, too!

But not today.

Like me, you likely have limited...

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How to reel in your video and Youtube audience with a strong opener.

5 seconds. That's it.

That is all the time we have to capture attention with our videos. The opening line of your Youtube marketing videos is super important.

There are small but important tweaks to the introduction, or opening line, that can help improve what is called"audience retention" - how long someone sticks with your video.

Here is a nice example. In a script review for one of our clients, Rebecca Reynolds Moore, Founder of InANutshell Consulting, I see that she starts by...

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Clarify your priority before you shoot marketing videos - is your message for you or for your audience?

After ending a 26 year marriage, selling or donating everything I owned, adopting a digital nomad lifestyle, and generally going on to re-invent my life, I felt a strong desire to help other women with their midlife struggles. I thought about starting an online community for the midlife journey. There is a beautiful way to gracefully navigate midlife and emerge renewed and excited about what remaining time you might have.

Based on my past interests and experience, I am fortunate to know that...

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3 Easy Ways to Find the Perfect Words for Your Marketing Video Scripts

Content strategy is simply creating a plan to distribute marketing content that attracts your target audience and resonates with their problem or need that you meet with your product or service.

So how do you know what to say?

You find out what the conversation is that is already going on in their head. You discover the exact words and phrases they are using to talk about their problem.

We want tofind some quick ways to actually get into the heads of your customer about how they're thinking and...

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Essential Video for your Business Marketing Strategy  #1: ​Testimonials!

No excuses! This is the number one type of video you can start working on today!

Testimonials: These are golden, do you know why?

  1. ROI is fantastic - there is almost no production expense - because you are not shooting them.
  2. There is no excuse not to start on them - because you are not shooting them.
  3. They give your business “social proof” - potential clients trust word of mouth from peers more than they do your marketing. Makes sense, no?
  4. They are highly effective, especially when done...

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