We are emerging into the Next Normal. The future of work is being created, now. 

You're still here.

What's next?


Over the years, as I've worked with clients who call me for help "doing video", they are always surprised that we don't jump in and "do video" first thing.

We start with searching for clarity about their vision.

In fact, clients like Audrey Wyatt, CEO of Leaders and Lifters, tell me that my clarity process is worth the value of her entire video package. 

Guided Clarity Sessions - $297

For a limited time, I'm happy to offer a mini-session for only $297, as my way of helping the post-COVID world be better and stronger.  

I help you zero in on the match between your grand passion and your on-the-ground results. Who do you really want to serve, and why?

Where are the stories that will attract them? How to best reach them?

Your results will lead you to greater stand-alone clarity, and you also may apply this to any further work we do together.

I'm incredibly blessed and happy to say that I've worked with clients from diverse backgrounds from their 20's to 80's. 

I review your online presence, interview you, and lead you through an exercise.  The entire session is recorded so you can refer back to it at any time. 

Please click the button to sign up below  and I'll contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment.

A little bit about me...


I've worked for myself most of my life.  When my kids were young, I leveraged my marketing degree into flextime freelancing as a Marketing Video Producer (and filmmaker, video editor, and writer) for entrepreneurs and non-profits for 15 years.  

I worked with a video startup in San Francisco, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit executives craft their first videos.

A few years ago I decided to Play Big and finally succumbed to a chronic case of wanderlust. 

I left the nest really empty. I manifested a life-long dream of minimizing stuff to maximize experiences.

I sold or donated everything that wouldn’t fit into my trusty Honda CRV (with 90,000 miles on the odometer!)  to free up funds and flexibility to travel, meet new amazing people, and take a deep dive into learning more about online marketing.  That's me, channeling my inner Valkyrie on a snowy hike in Iceland with my daughter.


In 2020, when Mother Nature put the world in a pandemic time-out, I saw that building visibility online will be the key to long term wealth for millions of people in the "new normal".

Lets chat about where you fit in to this grand adventure. 

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