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DIH - "Done In House" video is
​the most exciting opportunity for NPOs and
social change organizations, ever.

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Non-profits and Social Impact organizations have an incredible advantage in engagement.

You have stories. Really great stories. 

The more you can capture the stories of impact and actually show people the change you make, the more you will engage followers, supporters, patrons and funders.

The challenge is this:
To pull ahead, stand out and truly increase engagement, you need lots of video, for marketing and social media. ​In addition, video can also help you efficiently scale delivery of your programs, too.

Perhaps in seeing the rise of online video, you feel a bit overwhelmed.

The good news is, if you have access to a smartphone, you can create quality DIY videos.

​Pinkie swear.


I'm Kala.
In my work as a marketing video producer, I have also worked with non-profits for my entire career. 

My very first video documentary was for PeopleFund, a community finance organization. The film was about the gentrification of East Austin, Texas, in the late 1990s. We interviewed a diverse cross-section of long time business owners about their experiences dealing with rising property values and changing demographics.

Later, when I moved to Northern California, my first client was Santa Rosa Community Health Care Centers.

Kala Philo, Video Coach and Founder, Mirror Your Brilliance on Video.

That first video led to five more videos for SRCHCC over the next five years. I also worked with Social Advocates for Youth, an organization working to prevent homelessness among kids aging out of foster care, Catholic Charities, and a nationally recognized community theatre organization producing bi-lingual works with social justice themes, and more. 

I also produced and crowdfunded a series of marketing videos for organic farms in Northern California. We provided these videos to the farmers at no cost. The series, called "FarmShorts", was later picked up by the local PBS affiliate. That project's impact includes tens of thousands of views on YouTube and substantial marketing exposure for agritourism and small organic farms in Northern California. 

Fast forward to now:
Now what we are seeing is this: to fully leverage the power of video for your organization, progressive NPOs are thinking beyond the yearly fundraising video and looking for creative ways to make video a part of their weekly flow of communication

I'm passionate about helping NPOs build the capacity with an efficient system to maximize the impact of video content. 

I offer a "Done with You" service - Mirror Your Impact on Video -  where we do exactly that. Based on an initial project goal, I work with an designated member of your team over a few weeks and train them how to "do video" with a smartphone and set up distribution.

But the impact on your organization is much deeper than that.

While we are creating value with the project videos, we are also implementing a system within the organization to enable you to capture, organize, distribute, and re-purpose videos for as long as that activity serves your organization. 

Would you like to learn more? Please send us an email for more information. 


57% of people who watch a video for a nonprofit, go on to make a donation.

 39% of respondents researched a nonprofit within
24 hours of watching a video ad online.

75% of the respondents mentioned that videos
​help them understand the impact of nonprofits. 

Google and Millward Brown Digital survey, 2013




Laurie Lynn Hogan,
​Non-profit executive and a repeat client for 5 years.
Organization: Santa Rosa Community Health Care Centers
Santa Rosa, CA


I have to say working with Kala, she gets it. She dives right in and can get to the juice of what I'm trying to accomplish and what my mission is and she can pull that out with just elegance and grace and ease which I'm a little jealous of!

And yes, we've, we've made some really incredible videos together and I'm so excited that she's taking the best parts of those processes and putting them into a process and a system for you. To be able to jump over this hurdle, it's a speed bump right?

So I highly encourage and recommend that you connect with Kala and talk with her and learn about which of her services are best for you. I promise you, you will not regret it. She's an excellent guide. Has just her finger on the pulse of how to communicate in a way that brings the best of your mission out into the world and shows the best of who you are and she does it with. 

She's so much fun to work with and  you'll be proud of what you create at the other end. So call her. Call her now!



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"So whether you're totally new to this, or
you've already got some videos
​under your belt... this system is kind of
- Barb Steinberg, Teen Life Coach and Speaker