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Read on for more info about the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method.

This is the ultimate course experience, for you,

to simplify VIDEO for your heart, brain and business. 

This is what I cooked up after 15 years of doing exactly this work, not for big agencies, 

but for people like you.

After COVID came to town

I leaned in,

added some fabulous new videos,

amped up the quality,

and invested in a much more profesh platform.

Check out this video from our last launch for

more info about the course and what I bring to you in this experience.

It is almost 2021.

I am going to talk with you as clearly as I can about the biggest opportunity for growing your brand and business, right now. 

To achieve that dream of working smarter, not harder, 

to grow your email list,

to deepen trust with your followers,

to stand out in a crowded field, 

to nurture a steady stream of new leads and shorten your sales cycle, 

the one thing you must have is a plan for more video in your business. 


You have seen the rise of video in social media. You are seeing people you follow, as well as your competitors, diving into video. 

After watching the rise of online video over the last 10 years, and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs on their first videos even before that, I’ve come to realize that:

Your programs can be great...

Your coaching can be amazing,

And YES, there are people out there who need your unique gifts, 

But if you are not mirroring your brilliance out to the world with video,

you will be working harder than ever for less reach, less engagement, and less impact.

It will become almost impossible to keep up and remain competitive online without video content.

Did I just make that up to sound scary? 


How do I know this?  

Let me explain briefly. 

REASON 1 video is important to your business is because of Ad Revenue for the big social and search companies. 

Read On.


Lets say you are the CEO of a massive social network called MyFace.

Or maybe the boss of a big old search engine called Oodle. 

As CEO, you know your success depends on lots of businesses paying your company to run ads. 

So, how can you charge even more money to run those  ads?

You need to show clients that LOTS of people stay on your platform for as long as possible,

because that means more people will see their ads.

Now, lets say there is one kind of magic glue that people are instinctively attracted to. (See Lil' Story #2, coming right up)

This magic glues sticks people to your platform much longer than other kinds of content. 

Well, you know what I'm going to say next. 

There is this kind of magic glue - its called video. (why is it so sticky? see Lil' Story #2, below)

Now, CEO, what will your attitude toward video be?

You are going to play favorites with video and feature it more than other kinds of content. 

And that is exactly what they do. 

All the social media and search engines platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, etc) favor video content, meaning in most cases, the algorithm will show video content more often, to more people, over a written post. 

Good news! your video posts are most likely shown to more people than your, or your competitor's, written posts or images. 

Ouchie news! It also means your competitors' video posts are most likely beating out your static content. 

Let's move on to Reason #2 why video is vital for your business.

This one is even more powerful. 



You see a baby in her car seat in the cart in front of you at the grocery store. 

You are both super bored, so when she looks at you, you drop your mask for a minute and make a funny face at her. 

There she is, looking up at you, waving her arms, gurgling, smiling and never breaking eye contact.

You look away for a minute to check your phone, and then you look back at her.

She's still looking at you, wondering where you went,  where YOUR ATTENTION went.

Wondering what could possibly be more fascinating than her little baby show?!

In fact, she was just considering throwing a fit to get your ATTENTION back.

What is she doing?

She wants to see YOUR EYES and your expression because she is trying to decide if she TRUSTS you! 

The moral to this story?

Our brains are wired to connect with moving images and especially other people’s faces.

This obviously has huge implications for video as the irreplaceable content for increasing trust with your audience (= shorter sales cycle). 

Like the baby, your audience is trying to decide if they can trust you. When you show up authentically, literally showing your face on video, you build trust. 

This is especially true if you are the face of your business.


So now I have a question for you. It will save us both some time. 

Can we agree that video is the next essential power play for your business?

If the answer is yes, please read on. 

If no, thanks for your time! The rest of this is not relevant for you.

Now that we’ve agreed video is the next essential power move for you, you may be thinking,

"Great, Kala! I kind of already knew that, but I still am not sure what that means as far as what's next." 

I get it.  You may be feeling like this:

  1. You are already working hard and don't see how to fit in video, too. 
  2. You don’t know where to start - equipment, scripting, content?
  3.  You have an idea for a video by the time you get ready to actually tape, you are exhausted before your even start just from getting ready.
  4. Or maybe you got one or two videos done, it seems like it takes forever, you can’t figure out how to do more videos without neglecting the rest of your business.
  5. Camera anxiety. Lets face it, there is some fear out there - fear of rejection, ridicule, of what people will think, fear of failure.  I 100% sympathize - and I talk about this a bit later so hold tight.
  6.  And here’s something you haven’t thought of yet, but I have. because of my experience helping people like you with avoid these pitfalls, and more:

    You learn the hard way the same video can be either terrific, or boring, depending on a couple of changes to the script.

    Your edit takes twice as long, or costs 3x as much, because you didn't know how to organize the process, starting with the scripting phase.

I want you to know this: it's not your fault if you are overwhelmed or confused or frustrated or all three. 

The reason is this: there is A LOT of well-meaning advice out there that doesn’t fit together very well.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You see advice from people who know a lot about marketing, but do not know how to help you simplify creating lots of quality videos for your business because they've never actually done that themselves.

  • You see advice from talented videographers who have picked up some marketing tips.

  • You see advice from charismatic, attractive people who had a previous career on camera, yet no experience in marketing at all. 

  • You download a video guide that has waaay too many techie recommendations, leaving you more confused than when you started.

  • You get answers from a YouTube star who has figured out the YouTube algorithm, but what if you don’t really want to be a YouTube star? 

    What if you don't want to post a long, formulaic, keyword-stuffed video every week at exactly the same time, about exactly the same "hot topic" thing everybody else is in your space is doing a video about?

    Yes, that works to build a YouTube business.

    And yes, its A-OK if the idea of it the idea of doing video (or even business!) that way bores you to tears.  I know that's how I feel about it. 

    I'm not saying don't use YouTube. Quite the opposite.

    I'm saying use YouTube YOUR WAY, if you want to use YouTube.

You want your videos to SERVE your business, not to BECOME your business, right? 

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you are in the right place. 

190510_KalaPhilio-14 - Edited.jpg 

What you need is this:

A simple system to easily and consistently create and repurpose several quality videos per month, for social media, marketing, teaching, sales -  without giving you a migraine or adding chaos to your business.

What you are missing is the system. 

Trying to create even a few videos is like trying to make a complex gourmet dinner with no recipe.

It’s like making one serving at a time instead of the whole batch. 

 It’s like running to the store over and over again because you realize in the middle you need another key ingredient. 

You need the before, during and after to all flow together. 

Think about other complex systems in your life or business. What do you do to make it easier? 

You create a system!

Introducing the

Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method

 A clear, step by step process to simplify injecting valuable velocity into your business with video.

Look fab on video, finally, with our super simple Video Homebase Setup.

Intuitively create scripts or outlines, fast.

Proprietary Script to Edit Zen technique for filming and organizing that makes the whole process easier on you and the editor. 

How to prep your footage to save maximum time and money in the edit.

Comprehensive E-book,
Easy to follow course, 
and Real Videos Demos (not just voiceover videos)

MYB course mockup

Create a system. Rinse and repeat.

What if you knew how to look and sound great on video every time  you have a zoom meeting or are taping a video.

What if you had a "recipe" for your videos that uses a proprietary system based on 15 years of relevant experience to help you efficiently plan all the steps to create your videos with confidence?

VOILA! Here is the system you would have created, if you had 15 years of experience actually creating marketing videos for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

The key is the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method

MYB course mockup.png

This is the ultimate system to get your first few videos done,

look and sound much better on Zoom and video meetings,

and ALSO set up a system in your business to create and repurpose a  smooth flow of videos for marketing, teaching, social media, sales and more.  

This system works for anyone. It is fine-tuned for women with help building on-camera confidence and overcoming perfectionism that may be holding you back. 


Included in the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method Course

  • Easy to follow course with 12 lessons and 4 clear sections that mirror (ha! get it?) the phases of video production. Value $250

  • Prepro - Checklists and templates to help you organize your Video Hub file structure,  set up your Video Homebase and learn how to look your best on camera.

  • Nervous about video? Includes a camera anxiety exercise and video playlist of 17 short videos with tips to boost your confidence. Value $50

  • Production - my proprietary methods and tools for scripting and filming not only make all of this easier for you, but they set you up for a very smooth edit, whether you outsource your edit or you do it yourself.

  • Complete e-book that summarizes the course, with lots of examples Value $100

  • Demo Videos that SHOW you how to do most steps, (not just slide share videos) Value $200
Mirror Your Brilliance

“"So whether you're totally new to this, or you've
already got some videos ​under your belt...
this system is kind of flawless..”

Teen Life Coach

Mirror Your Brilliance

“I had no idea how involved it could be to do just one simple video! Thank you for simplifying everything.”

Business Coach for Emerging Entrepreneurs,

Mirror Your Brilliance

“You've made it so easy, I love this process now!”

Success Coach,


Hi! I'm Kala Philo, Video Strategist and Founder of the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video method

When my kids were younger, I leveraged my marketing background into a flextime career as a Marketing Video Producer.

I'll share a quick story to show you that I totally get how you may feel about the challenges of doing your own vidoes.

You may feel a lot like hundreds of clients I had over the years.

You see, I started out as a Videographer for a San Francisco based startup. My Producer would send me out on assignment. 

I would show up, on location, at a business I had never been to before, find the best place to shoot, and set up the shot.

Then I would interview the business owner, who had never been on camera, and was usually quite nervous.

Using my smart cookie marketing background and, I must say, charm and sense of humor- lol,

I helped them craft their unique marketing message on the fly.

Then I would take the footage home and edit it into a 90 second commercial for that business for Yellow pages, City Search and other online ad platforms.

I was very good at this and was a designated Preferred Filmmaker in the company. 

I did this hundreds of times over the years.

Honesty time - I was paid $150 per video - for the location shoot AND the edit.

Needless to say, it was in my best interest to develop a VERY efficient workflow, and that is what the Method is based on today. 

Eventually, I managed larger video projects and teams for my own small business.


It is based on over 15 years of experience actually creating real videos, shot on location, for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I know exactly how challenging it can be for you, so I have taken out all the unnecessary complexity.

I know how to keep it affordable and simple, and still get quality results.

 I know how it feels to be an introvert who does not want to be on camera. 

By now you know - you can build it, but your fans will not come unless you get in front of them in noticeable ways, consistently and over time.

That is why I'm excited to bring the the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method to you today.

This is your essential starting point.

Here's the Magic, Simplified

Copy of Copy of bigstar background.png

Below is an example of the course experience from inside Section 3.

Super clear with lots of demo videos, with me demonstrating tips on camera, not just "videos" of slides and a voice over!

You always know where you are and where you are going. 


Create Great Looking Video.

Working from the corner of a kitchen table?  A dark spare bedroom? Can’t leave your lights set up? No problem. You learn the insider tricks to set up your Video Homebase and  be able to have your lights and sound setup within 5 minutes, every time. 

Bonus Video (Value $49): Actual walk-through demo that shows you how to find the best place to set up your Video Homebase. 

We show you exactly the 3 inexpensive things you need to improve the look and sound of your videos and Zooms immediately.

Fast and easy - We make it no-brainer easy to order with live links from an order page. 

Set up Your Brilliant Video Business Hub

Even just a couple of videos produce A LOT of different files. 
You may be like my client Rebecca Moore who said, "I had no idea how involved it could be to create even just one simple video!"

Setting up your videos files for success is a modern business Power Move.

We give you an easy to copy template for the file structure of your video project, so you and your team keep everything straight from the start. 

Pro Glow and Composition

Finally, you will know how to fix your shot. With taped demo videos, (Value $199) I SHOW you the important basics and pro tips.

Learn where to put your face in the frame, avoid awkward camera angles, fix your background, and more.

Bonus Video (value $49): Learn exactly how to set up your lighting to transform the
 cave lady look into Video Star glow.    

Insider Secrets for a Beautiful On-Camera Look

You’ll learn the basics of what to wear (and not to wear) on camera, as well as some practical tips about makeup. 

And the best part is, we keep this really simple. You can always get fancier later, if you want to.

Finally. Know exactly what to say.

My proprietary scripting method will help you go from script to smooth on camera delivery, whether you need just an outline or a more detailed script.
Not sure what videos to start with? Course includes bonus content: 
"How to Decide What Videos To Make" - a quick strategy that gives you a smart way decide on your first videos, based on your business situation right now. 

Step by step plan for filming 

I provide you with a complete filming day checklists and a method for speaking on camera to make shooting day a little easier, even if "staring at the dead eye of a camera" , as I once heard someone say,  isn't your idea of fun.

You also use our tools to organize the footage as you film. Why? So your edit will be faster and cheaper. 

Value: 1,000s of dollars and hours saved over time doing video for your business.

A professional, simplified edit flow

to save you time and money.

Value - 1,000 of dollars and hours saved over time.

When you follow our method, your footage will be so organized that the edit will be a breeze.
Includes our invaluable Edit Compass tool so you can know the status of all your videos  in edit at any moment. 

Limited time Bonus:

Free trial of Video Velocity Mastermind, through October.

Value $50

When you are just starting out, you may need some extra support. When you join the course now, you receive a free trial membership in my Video Mastermind group through the end of October. 

Join our Video Velocity Mastermind Open Q&A, we meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. The sooner you join, the more sessions you get!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How much space do I need?

You only need a corner of a room or even the kitchen table.  I teach you how to set up a great look without even having to clean up a whole room. 
If you can't leave your Video Homebase setup, I show you how to mark your spot and your light settings to get set up within 5 minutes. 

Will I have to buy lots of video gear?

No. One reason I put this guide together is because most of the other guides I saw were way too complicated. Shooting with your smartphone, you can easily get setup for under $200, and we make it easy for you to order everything you need. 

Can I use the same Video Homebase for Zoom calls, FB live, and for taping videos?

Absolutely. That's the whole point - with this system your videos will look consistent and professional. 

Should I buy a video camera?

If you are just getting started, no. You can shoot great video with your smartphone. We tell you the exact 3  inexpensive things you need and make it easy to order them, too. You can always get fancier later. 

Why is a Video Homebase important?

Video is now a part of doing business. The Video Homebase simplifies your ability to look great and be on video quickly and easily.

I've got kids and dogs and laundry on the couch, sometimes all at once. Can you help me?

I can't help you with the laundry, kids and Rover, but I can help you avoid the couch as a backdrop. I show you, in a video, how to "scout" your home for the perfect spot to do your videos. If you can't leave your video homebase setup, I show you how to  mark your spot and be able to setup within 5 minutes.

Does this include some help with lighting?

Yes! Unlike many other courses, this one includes not just screenshare slide videos, but there are actual demo videos where I show you, on a location, how to set up your lights. 

I've done some video and they still don't look quite right. Can you help?

Yes. Most likely you just need to know the basics of composition and framing your shot. I show you both, with lots of examples. 

What should I wear on camera?

We give you some basic tips and just as importantly, tell you exactly what to avoid. 

Will this help my camera anxiety?

Yes. With the assurance of a simple, flattering setup, you are likely to be less anxious about being on camera. The more you do video, the better you get at it, too.  That's why I'm so passionate about helping people with their Brilliant Video Homebase.

Do I need a microphone?

Yes,  a microphone is the easiest way to increase the professionalism of your videos. We recommend the absolute easiest, plug and play mics to improve your sound on Zoom or taped videos. 

What if I want a fancier setup, is that possible?

Yes of course! We start out simple because thats the best way to make progress.  After you sign up for this mini-course, you an opportunity to access a 1:1 Video Homebase Consultation with me and we'll work together to upgrade your look even more! 

What if I don't know what videos to create?

That is actually pretty common. Included in the course is a Bonus "How to Decide What Videos To Make" that gives you a quick way to decide on your first videos, based on your business situation right now. 

Does this course teach me how to edit?

No. When you follow my method, you create footage that is a breeze to edit.  My goal is to help you be able to afford to outsource your edit, because editing takes a long time and I want to help you get back to running your business. If you do start out doing your own edit, this system will  save you a lot of time.

How long do I have to access the course?

Most people can easily work through the course in 3 months. However, we know Life Happens, right?

That is why you have unlimited access to the course, all the downloads and tools, and any of our ongoing improvements, for 6 months.

This special offer also includes free membership in the Video Velocity Mastermind until the end of October, where you can participate in our Q&A's. 

Who is this for?

Coaches, consultants, anyone who is the face of their business or brand.

Course creators - video for your course, yes, AND for promoting your course. 

Action-oriented professionals building personal brands online to scale your impact, audience and revenue. 

If you are the face of your business

And you are in a competitive space where it is hard to stand out,

and you want to stop worrying about the “how” to do video

and actually start doing quality video, consistently, and look better on camera forevermore....

This is for you.  


So, if you are stuck in that awkward place of wanting to look better on these zillions of zooms each week...

and you are overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start with video in general,

or, you simply want to scale your video presence in a strategic way,

you are not alone.  

You may be thinking

Do I need a fancy camera?

Is there an easy fix for lighting for Zoom? I’m tired of looking tired.

Do I need a mic?

Where can I shoot my videos?  Our place is small and everyone is home now.

One thing is for sure - connecting, teaching and marketing via video is here to stay. 

I promise:

Follow this course and you CAN set up a your Brilliant Video Homebase for a flattering look on camera,

You CAN create fab videos that look and sound great,  learn a method that creates a system so that video adds value, not chaos, to your business. 

How great is that? 

Veronique Eberhart, Success Coach, Before and After

I helped Veronique create a video series for her workshop sales launch
in April, right after the COVID lockdown began.

During her launch, her videos got 250 views just from her list,
and she gained 7 new clients in the middle of a pandemic.  



OK lets talk about the elephant in the Room.

Are you afraid of being seen and putting yourself out there on video? 

I sympathize. I am an introvert and spent many years being bossy behind the camera. It was nice and safe back there.

Here is what I know after working with hundreds of people on their first video, and later forcing myself in front of the camera: 


Camera anxiety is like a stormy sky filled with lots of clouds.

We absolutely can clear up the storm, we simply have to clear out the clouds, one by one. 

The first step in this process is to set up your Video Homebase - your lights, sound, background, composition. Removing that uncertainty clears out some of the anxious black clouds hanging over your head. 

So if you are really nervous about being on camera, this is what you do first:

Stop thinking and sign up today. I'm here for you.

One reason I include 2 free months in the Video Velocity Mastermind is I KNOW those first few weeks may be the hardest for you.


Don't let your inner fraidy-cat's chatter  of "what's next" stop you.

Before you even download our first PDF,  she will be yowling  "ohmygosh i'm so nervous what will i say i hate the way I look what will people think will they make fun of me blahblahblahblah....."

Just say, "Simmer down kitty kittyall we are doing is the first step."

When you take action,  you clear out one big gray cloudbank. 

Afterward, you will tackle the others, one by one, and it will get easier. 

Conquering this together could be the most powerful thing you have done in a long time.  

But for now, first things first, right? Take action and sign up. 

You go this, and I got your back. 

 Barb Steinberg, LMSW,  Life Coach for Teen Girls,

Before and After



Barb describes herself as "the least techie person I know".

Even so, she used the MYB Method to go from almost no video at all in her business,  to filming weekly videos for Facebook, Instagram  and Youtube.

Using our system, her team is now able to affordably outsource her edit to a video editor. 

Not only that, Barb also filmed, by herself, three Full Video Workshops for her business.

The only thing that slowed Barb down was when her jealous cat chewed up her mic. #badkitty  😾

Screenshot 2020-09-05 at 10.57.49 PM