Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method

Everything you need to create your foundation for video success

The premier Method for saving time and money streamlining quality DIY video strategy into your business.


Brilliant Video Homebase 1:1 Consultation

Personalized help perfecting your on-camera lighting and look.

Are you ready for personalized, one on one help
looking your best on all video, forevermore?


MYB Video Velocity Thursday Q&A

Live Video Support 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

On-demand advice: Bring all your questions about video, online marketing, content, branding, social media and more. 

Renews Monthly.


Video Homebase Quickstart

1 hour to look and sound more professional on Zoom and all video, forevermore.

Video meetings and video marketing are here to stay. Do you want an easy way to look and sound more professional on camera? This course is for YOU.

Do you want to easily create more quality videos and stop futzing with tech details? This course is definitely for YOU.

Comprehensive E-book and easy to follow mini-course with 4 clear sections and real demo videos, not just slide share video modules.