Work At Your Own Pace Courses

 1 hour to look better on Zoom and video, forevermore.

Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart   



No more caveperson lighting effects!

No more horror movie camera angles!

No more sounding like you are joining in from a tin hut in Siberia!

(unless, of course, you are joining in from a tin hut in Siberia.)

No more taking half a day to set up a decent video shot!

This Ebook and Mini-course shows you an easy video homebase setup

so you look and sound better on video and Zoom.

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The Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method Course


 Need a self-paced, flexible DIY Method to build confidence, video skills AND

set up a rinse and repeat system to organize the whole video Shebang into your business?  

Start here.

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Are you a busy entrepreneur who wants to master

the skills of DIY video for your business,

but you are not sure where to start? 

THIS is where you start. 

This is the premier video foundation course, 

optimized to go through quickly,

for coaches, consultants, and people who are the face of their business.

Based on 15 years of experience of actually 

working with entrepreneurs and small business owners

on their first marketing videos and strategy 

(I'm not a film school grad, actress, or on-camera personality, 
although I used to supervise folks like that.)


Learn more and watch a video, here: 

MYB Method Course Info

Looking for more personalized help? 

Check this out.


Not sure?

Got a pain in your clarity, video approach and marketing? 

Tell me all about it.


Got camera anxiety? 


It's OK. 

Do not let your inner fraidy cat stop you. 

I'm an introvert and would rather be behind the camera, too.

I've helped hundreds of people, mostly women, with this over the years. 

If I can't help you, I know people who specialize in this.

So let's connect. 

Tell me all about it.