Simply Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart

Look better on Zoom, Lives, and all video, forevermore.

Simplify video, save time and build on-camera confidence.

Simply Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart:

Comprehensive E-book, Mini-course and Real Videos Demos (not just slideshare videos)

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In-person meetings, trainings, conferences and events - all cancelled. 

Almost overnight, we are now relying on Zoom and other video to keep our businesses afloat.

Are we having fun yet?   : )

How do you feel about your Zoom "look"?  Would you like to look better and feel more confident?

Or, like some of my clients, perhaps your clients are asking you for a video version of your in-person workshops or other service.

Every week I talk to consultants who are seeing that video marketing is the best way to stand out from their competition but they aren't sure where to start.

Does any of that sound familiar? Maybe a little daunting?

Whatever your interest is, one thing is for sure - connecting, teaching and marketing via video is here to stay. 

Especially if you are the face of your business.

So, if you are stuck in that awkward place of wanting to look better on these zillions of zooms each week...

and you are overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start with video in general,

you are not alone.  

You may be thinking

Do I need a fancy camera?

Is there an easy fix for lighting for Zoom? I’m tired of looking tired.

Do I need a mic?

“Doing video” seems like it will take forever! Is there a way to save time?

Where can I shoot my videos?  Our place is small and everyone is home now.

Where do I start?

Did you know that looking and sounding great on video 

doesn’t have to be complicated?

Pinkie swear.

This is exactly why I created the Simply Brilliant Video Quickstart.

You see, in my career as a marketing video producer, I ALWAYS shot on location, never in a studio..

I promise:

Follow this guide and you CAN set up a custom Video Homebase for a flattering look on camera.

Any camera - your computer, Zoom, your phone or yes, even a video camera!  

1 hour, a little practice, and you look and sound great on camera, now and forevermore.

How great is that? 

Included in the Simply Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart

  • Easy to follow mini-course with 4 clear sections - Where to set up your Video Homebase, Exactly what Gear you Need, How to set up your stuff, and finally, how to perfect your on-camera lighting, composition and look. Value $49

  • Complete e-book that summarizes the course, with lots of examples Value $49

  • Demo Videos that SHOW you how to do this, (not just slide share videos) Value $199

  • Easily order from our order page with live links.

Total Value - $300

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Do you secretly dread being on camera?

Do you find yourself rushing to get ready for a Zoom call, or,

spending half a day getting ready to do a simple video?

What if you could get rid of dark shots, bad sound,

awkward angles with double chin and scary shadows...

How about, instead, it's just you, calmly showing up like a pro, to video,

looking and sounding great,

with ease and confidence?

The key is a Brilliant Video Homebase.

The Simply Brilliant Video Quickstart is an ebook and mini-course

(with videos, of course!) that teaches you how to set up and use 

a simple Brilliant Video Homebase

in just 1 hour,

so you will look and sound great on video, Zoom and Lives,



Hi! I'm Kala Philo, Video Strategist and Founder of the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video method

When my kids were younger, I leveraged my marketing background into a flextime career as a Marketing Video Producer.

I'll share a quick story to show you that I totally get how you may feel about the tech challenges.
You are probably a lot like hundreds of clients I had over 15 years.

You see, I started out as a Videographer. My Producer would send me out on assignment. 

I would show up, on location, at a business I had never been to before, find the best place to shoot, and set up the shot.

Then I would interview the business owner, who had never been on camera, and was usually quite nervous.

Using my smart cookie marketing background and, I must say, charm and sense of humor- lol,

I helped them craft their unique marketing message on the fly.

Then I would take the footage home and edit it into a 90 second commercial for that business for Yellow pages, City Search and other online ad platforms.

I was very good at this and was a designated Preferred Filmmaker in the company.

I did this hundreds of times over the years. Eventually, I managed larger video projects and teams for my own company.


Based on years of experience actually producing real videos, on location, for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I know how exactly how challenging it can be for you and have taken out all the unnecessary complexity.

I know how to keep it simple and still get quality results.

By now you know - you can build it, but your fans will not come unless you get in front of them in noticeable ways, consistently and over time.

That is why I'm excited to bring the Simply Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart to you today.

This is your essential starting point.

A Video Homebase creates a foundation for your videos, giving you the confidence that you know how to look and sound great on video at a moment's notice.

Here's the Magic, Simplified

The Simple Steps to Your Brilliant Video Homebase


The Big Easy 3

Light, sound, stability. Those are the only things you have to worry about, and we have easy solutions for each.

We show you exactly the 3 inexpensive things you need to improve the look and sound of your videos and Zooms immediately.

Fast and easy - We make it no-brainer easy to order with live links from an order page. 

Location Scout Your House

I SHOW you, on video, exactly how to find the best place to set up your Video Homebase.

Working from the corner of a kitchen table? Can’t leave your lights set up? No problem. You learn the insider tricks to be able to have your lights and sound setup within 5 minutes, every time. 

Bonus Video (Value $49): Actual walk-through demo that shows you how to find the best place to set up your Video Homebase. 

Pro Glow and Composition

Finally, you will know how to fix your shot. With taped demo videos, (Value $199) I SHOW you the important basics and pro tips.

Learn where to put your face in the frame, avoid awkward camera angles, fix your background, and more.

Bonus Video (value $49): Learn exactly how to set up your lighting to transform the cave lady look into Video Star glow.    

Insider Secrets for a Beautiful On-Camera Look

You’ll learn the basics of what to wear (and not to wear) on camera, as well as some practical tips about makeup. 

And the best part is, we keep this really simple. You can always get fancier later, if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How much space do I need?

You only need a corner of a room or even the kitchen table.  I teach you how to set up a great look without even having to clean up a whole room. 
If you can't leave your Video Homebase setup, I show you how to mark your spot and your light settings to get set up within 5 minutes. 

Will I have to buy lots of video gear?

No. One reason I put this guide together is because most of the other guides I saw were way too complicated. Shooting with your smartphone, you can easily get setup for under $200, and we make it easy for you to order everything you need. 

Can I use the same Video Homebase for Zoom calls, FB live, and for taping videos?

Absolutely. That's the whole point - with this system your videos will look consistent and professional. 

Should I buy a video camera?

In my opinion, no. You can shoot great video with your smartphone. We tell you the exact 3  inexpensive things you need and make it easy to order them, too. 

Why is a Video Homebase important?

Video is now a part of doing business. The Video Homebase simplifies your ability to look great and be on video quickly and easily.

I've got kids and dogs and laundry on the couch, sometimes all at once. Can you help me?

I can't help you with the laundry, kids and Rover, but I can help you avoid the couch as a backdrop. I show you, in a video, how to "scout" your home for the perfect spot to do your videos. If you can't leave your video homebase setup, I show you how to  mark your spot and be able to setup within 5 minutes.

Does this include some help with lighting?

Yes! Unlike many other courses, this one includes not just screenshare slide videos, but there are actual demo videos where I show you, on a location, how to set up your lights. 

I've done some video and they still don't look quite right. Can you help?

Yes. Most likely you just need to know the basics of composition and framing your shot. I show you both, with lots of examples. 

What should I wear on camera?

We give you some basic tips and just as importantly, tell you exactly what to avoid. 

Will this help my camera anxiety?

Yes. With the assurance of a simple, flattering setup, you are likely to be less anxious about being on camera. The more you do video, the better you get at it, too.  That's why I'm so passionate about helping people with their Brilliant Video Homebase.

Do I need a microphone?

Yes,  a microphone is the easiest way to increase the professionalism of your videos. We recommend the absolute easiest, plug and play mics to improve your sound on Zoom or taped videos. 

Who is this for?

Coaches, consultants, anyone who is the face of their business or brand.

Course creators - video for your course, yes, AND for promoting your course. 

Midlife professionals building personal brands online to scale your impact, audience and revenue. 

If you are the face of your business

And you are in a competitive space where it is hard to stand out,

and you want to stop worrying about the “how” to do video

and actually start doing quality video, consistently, and look better on camera forevermore....

This is for you.  


Veronique Eberhart, Success Coach, Before and After


Mirror Your Brilliance

“"So whether you're totally new to this, or you've
already got some videos ​under your belt...
this system is kind of flawless..”

Teen Life Coach

Mirror Your Brilliance

“I had no idea how involved it could be to do just one simple video! Thank you for simplifying everything.”

Business Coach for Emerging Entrepreneurs,

Mirror Your Brilliance

“You've made it so easy, I love this process now!”

Success Coach,

How Does This Work?

1. Purchase your Simply Brilliant Video Homebase Quickstart HERE.

2. Check your email for login information for INSTANT access.

3. Complete the 4 steps in the mini-course,  print out your Ebook as reference, too, and set up your Video Homebase! 

4. Start creating quality videos and Zoom calls with more confidence!

Refund Policy:   Due to the deep promotional discount and digital nature of this offer, there are no refunds. 

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Value $300

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'M READY! LET'S DO THIS <<<<<<<<<<<

OK lets talk about the elephant in the Room.

Are you afraid of video? 

I sympathize. I am an introvert and spent many years being bossy behind the camera. It was nice and safe back there.

Here is what I know after working with hundreds of people on their first video, and later forcing myself in front of the camera: 

Camera anxiety is like a stormy sky filled with lots of clouds.

We absolutely can clear up the storm, we simply have to clear out the clouds, one by one. 

Once you have your Video Homebase figured out, it clears out some of the anxious black clouds hanging over your head. 

You may still have other lingering clouds, and I have a lot of resources to help you with those, too.

But for now, first things first, right?

You go this, and I got your back. 


Zoom and video are not going away, but this special offer will soon! 

Sign up today before the price goes up. 

Barb Steinberg, LMSW,  Life Coach for Teen Girls, Before and After