Midlife + this time in history is the most exciting opportunity for your business and personal brand, ever.

Let's get clear on your audience, offers and brand. 


"Even some of the questions that you ask me keep me up all night! Because it forces me to hone in on what I want, and I wouldn't have gotten here without that process."

"I just want you to know, I've gotten my money's worth!"

Audrey Wyatt

Coach for Corporate Teams

Is This YOU? 

You've accomplished a lot in the last few years.

Yet, even before COVID, you may have been thinking:

Is this all there is?

Am I living out my purpose?

What will my legacy be?

Will I be able to make and save enough money to do all the things I want to do in my life?

The Corona virus, which is here to stay for at least a year, has brought all these questions into sharp relief. 

The world has changed forever, and now is the time for a midlife recalibration.

To increase your influence, make a bigger difference, leave a legacy of impact.
To serve your clients at the highest level. 
To work smarter, not harder.

So let's get real for a second.

Monetizing your expertise online with courses, group coaching, and / or subscriptions may accomplish all of the above. 

But it doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen without clarity. 


"Kala is strategic, creative and structured - a critical combination that is helping me to clarify my message for an upcoming video-driven campaign that I will launch to increase engagement with my target audience on LinkedIn." 

Landi Spearman

Executive Advisor and Multi-generational Expert


The Challenge:

Many midlife changemakers do not have clarity around how to communicate their offers or their personal brand in a way that matters to their audience. 

That last part there is the key.

In recent years, I've realized that I spend 60-80% of my time with clients just helping them get CLARITY on who they help, how and why.  

You can check out what my client Audrey Wyatt had to say, in the video above, when she gave me an impromptu testimonial during a client call as we were planning her videos.

Like Audrey, many clients come to me at the beginning of a shift or pivot in their offers.

They may be all over the place, trying to help almost everyone, in several different ways.

I won't overlay a video strategy onto that. 

I am a natural born, ruthless editor of ideas, words, video.

I live this as part of my personal brand - I'm a life-long minimalist, way before minimalism was cool. I have done the hard work of downsizing and decluttering, inside and out.

Using some simple tools, I guide my clients to more clarity around their messaging, offers and personal brand -  for their audience. 

For those that can focus, it's like a switch goes off - they move at lightning speed, finish their videos and launch in record time.

Like my client Veronique Eberhart, who finished her videos for a launch and picked up 7  clients for a new small group program, in the middle of a pandemic.

Most midlife achievers have many accomplishments, but confidence and know-how around video is not usually one of them.

Some are uncomfortable on camera or "being seen" in a bigger way, in general.

And almost none of them know how to efficiently create quality videos with ease, on a consistent basis.

If any of the above applies,  you are not alone. And it's OK.

I have worked directly with literally hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years on their very first marketing video. In fact, I shot, on location, and edited most of those first videos.

I understand how challenging this can be. I started Mirror Your Brilliance to simplify this for you and help get you get clarity AND get past the camera jitters that everyone feels, even me!   


I invite you to tell me more about yourself and your video goals using this form. I or my team will respond with a Video RX just for you. 

Valued Client Form

"Thanks so much for being patient as I find my voice. I love your clarity and boldness to put yourself "out there". I am finding my voice! "

Veronique Eberhart

Success Coach

(This photo is Veronique's on-camera look after we worked together)


have to say working with Kala, she gets it. She dives right in and can get to the juice of what I'm trying to accomplish and what my mission is and she can pull that out with just elegance and grace and ease which I'm a little jealous of!

So I highly encourage and recommend that you connect with Kala and talk with her and learn about which of her services are best for you. I promise you, you will not regret it. She's an excellent guide. Has just her finger on the pulse of how to communicate in a way that brings the best of your mission out into the world and shows the best of who you are and she does it with. 

She's so much fun to work with and  you'll be proud of what you create at the other end. So call her. Call her now!

Laurie Lynn Hogan,
Non-profit executive and
Repeat client for over 6 years.