Take Your Videos from Forgettable
to-Scroll Stopping at an Insane Value

This lil' video is a passion project we created for our favorite mentor Tim Grover (MJ's trainer, bestselling author of Relentless).
Nice, huh?

You are coming back stronger than ever in 2021.

So are we. 

Your tribe and your brand deserve videos that match your excellence.

We know you have amazing stories to tell.

Nothing is more powerful for storytelling, engagement, and conversion

than a gorgeous, scroll-stopping VIDEO.

The challenge, up until now, has been the high cost and hassle factor of

contracting for professional custom videos. 

Well, not anymore.

Introducing our V3 Velocity Video Package - 1 package, 1 price

Total excellence.

Package info coming soon. 


At V3 we are a team of badass, no BS creatives

disrupting the status quo for "professional" video production to help you out.

One of us swims with sharks,

One of us stares down snarling dogs in Mexico City,

and one of us beat brain cancer. 

uh, yeah. We got this. 

And so do you.