You are coming back stronger than ever in 2021.

You have worked hard to grow and serve your following. 

Now it is time to scale. 

How do you attract the attention of your future Superfans who don't know you yet and are looking for exactly what you offer?  

How do you start a new conversation with your audience and turn them into Superfans?

We know you have amazing stories, but to grab the attention of a new audience, you have to do more than just talk at the camera and post the video.


 Check out this lil' video is a passion project we created for our favorite mentor Tim Grover

(Trainer to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and bestselling author of Relentless).

Interested in one of your own? 


The MYB process is based on my 15 years of creating short videos for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I streamline the steps to keep us focused and moving toward your goals.

ONE - Who are we talking to? 

We conduct an intense deep dive call with you to get clarity on your goals and audience. I am very good at this and it often leads to new insights clients had not considered before.

Clients like Audrey Wyatt, CEO of Leaders and Lifters, tell me that my clarity process is worth the value of their entire package. 

TWO - Values match-up

Values-based outreach is more effective than demographics marketing. We'll match your message to the top 3 values of your audience, using research published by a leading expert in values-based marketing.  

THREE - What content strategy?

Not all content is the same. We'll decide together what is the best approach for your campaign. For example, do we want to challenge a common assumption?  Or do we want to use story to show deep empathy around a common pain point? 

FOUR- Scripting and Video Creation

Now that we know who we are talking to, and how we want them to feel while watching your video, it's time for scripting and assembling the footage. 

I work small teams of intense creative professionals, using my proprietary system to create superlative videos at a fraction of the price of a full custom video shoot. 

V3team I explain more about how this works on our call, and share with you the #1 mistake I see many entrepreneurs make on this kind of video.

FIVE- Create insane value for you

Finally, from the discovery work we do with you up front, we are able to provide you with multiple videos, optimized for different social media platforms, all teed up and ready for A/B testing with ads, if that is your bliss. 

Ready to see how this works?

Please complete this brief questionnaire to sign up for a call and see if we are a mutual fit. 

A little bit about me...

During my 15+ years as a marketing video producer for entrepreneurs and small business owners, I saw first hand how challenging it is for them to create quality videos.  


High quality, strategic content for online engagement - written and visual - is an art and a science. 

I've worked for myself most of my life.  When my kids were young, I leveraged my marketing degree into flextime freelancing as a Marketing Video Producer (and filmmaker, video editor, and writer) for entrepreneurs and non-profits for 15 years.  

I worked with a video startup in San Francisco, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit executives craft their first videos.

I produced (and shot and edited) short marketing videos for clients of brands such as Yellow Pages.Com and CitySearch.

I consulted on and produced fundraising videos that raised over 1.3 million dollars for clients in the non-profit sector in Santa Rosa. CA. I was an active member of Leadership Santa Rosa and other community groups.

A few years ago I decided to Play Big and finally succumbed to a chronic case of wanderlust. 

I left the nest really empty. I manifested a life-long dream of minimizing stuff to maximize experiences.

I sold or donated everything that wouldn’t fit into my trusty Honda CRV (with 90,000 miles on the odometer!)  to free up funds and flexibility to travel, meet new amazing people, and take a deep dive into learning more about online marketing.  That's me, channeling my inner Valkyrie on a snowy hike in Iceland with my daughter.


I created Mirror Your Brilliance because people like us - changemakers and leaders building brand and business online  - asked me for simpler options for DIY video. 

In 2020, when Mother Nature put the world in a pandemic time-out, I saw that building visibility online will be the key to long term wealth for millions of people in the "new normal".

I also came out of the lockdown with more personal clarity than ever. This was solidified by the disastrous loss of power and water during the Texas winter storm in February 2021. 

The planet is facing an incredible challenge. I am here to help people who are passionate about being a part of the solution.  

One way I do that is by leveraging my zone of genius to bring your brand values and stories to life with video. I encourage you to find out more about how this works by filling out the application to set up a call.