Could you use some help with your video "look"? 

Are you tired of looking tired on Zoom? 
Are you ready for personalized help
looking your best on all video, forevermore?


This is for you if:

You want personalized attention from an experienced video professional who has set up shots at literally  hundreds of locations.

You want to stop wasting time futzing with the tech, your lights, your chair, your background, your sound...

and instead jump start doing more great looking video, with ease.

How might your business change if you had more confidence around looking great on video for Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?

How much more reach, influence, and yes, revenue, could video help you achieve by the end of this year?


By the end of our time together, you will know:

  • How to fix your lighting and sound great on Zoom calls and taping your videos.
  • How to appear more confident on camera
  • How to save time - we reduce setup time to 5 minutes or less. 
  • Exactly what equipment you need for a simple, affordable Video Homebase. 
  • Exatly where to set up your Video Homebase

We make it easy for you to Be Like Oprah and walk on set.

Together, we will

  • transform your video quality with your own home or office video mini-studio, 
  • take away the dread of "setting up" that may be stopping you from even getting started.

While at the same time simplifying the whole process.

I share with you all the insider Video Producer  secrets to look and sound great on camera, starting now.

Brilliant Virtual Location Scout and Consult - Experience Details

190510_KalaPhilio-2.jpgI can't wait to help you optimize your video setup!

You will receive 2 personalized meetings with me via Zoom.

This is what we will do together:

 Zoom meeting 1:
Using your phone or tablet, you show me your home or office and we scout the best place for you to shoot. I'll also answer all your questions about the tech.

Worried about the kid's clutter and the laundry on the couch? The dog? The dog with the kids and the laundry on the couch?

Relax. You do not need to dedicate a whole room for your videos - in fact, a corner of a room (or kitchen table) is perfect. If you can't leave your video homebase set up, I'll teach you how to save your settings and spot so you can get set up within 5 minutes. 

Zoom meeting 2: 

 Once you get your mini-studio setup, we'll meet again via Zoom to go over your lighting and sound and answer any more questions you might have. 

Bonus! Personalized Video Critique: 

To be extra sure we've got your set up perfected,  you will send a quick test video clip to me so I can do a final check of your lighting, sound and composition. I will send you a personalized video response with suggestions for improvement. 

 Before and After

Veronique Before

Veronique After

Barb Before

Barb After

 "So whether you're totally new to this, or you've already got some videos under your belt... this system is kind of flawless..."
Barb Steinberg, Speaker and Life Coach for Teen Girls

Appointment status is: OPEN

Your one time investment in this experience includes 

100% personalized attention over two Zoom calls,

and will result in you looking better on video, forevermore, is usually $250.

For a limited time I am offering this for only

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That's probably half of what you spend on Starbies in a year,
to look better on videos, forever.
(or is that just me with the vanilla latte habit?)

2 Personalized Zoom calls with an
experienced Producer and Videographer (yup, that's me!)

Lighting consultation, sound check,
personalized recorded video for your reference.

This is a one time payment
 with a benefit that never expires -
You, being able to set up your Video Homebase in 5 minutes or less,

You,  looking and sound your best, on video,

​from now until the end of time.

Seriously, what is that worth?

Kala Headshot.jpegAfter you sign up, this is what will happen next:

You will receive an email with a direct link to my calendar where you can book our first Zoom call.

​That's right, no waiting. I have limited spots so I want to make this easy and fast for you.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait to work with you on this! 
All my best - 
~ Kala

jamiespeaking.jpgTrue story: My client Jamie was considering renting studio space to shoot her videos because she said she had “nowhere to shoot.”   On a 20 minute Zoom call with me, she walked around, showing me her place with her phone, and we found 3 possible options in her house. 

That 20 minutes saved her over $500 in studio rental fees. 

Jamie Parker, CEO, Process Plus Results, Inc.


Do your videos ever look "off" and you don't know why? 
I can help you with that! 

Check out this lovely shot Huimin Toh Hurry, founder of the Thriving Mums Summit took after a consultation. Literally thousands of people will see this video, so she wanted it to look professional.

"Your tips on composition were super helpful!

Only $199, one time, to look better on Zoom and all videos, forever.
No more cave lady lighting! 
No more agonizing over the tech setup!
You'll make videos you will WANT to share! 
Also perfect for Facebook live, Instagram or taped videos.

After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with

INSTANT access to book our first call. 

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    “It was so nice to have someone experienced to work with on this process!”

    Business Coach, InANutshell Consulting