We have three ways for you to access personalized advice and expertise on how to exploit video for velocity in your marketing and sales goals. 


Video Velocity Mastermind Group Coaching


Venti Double-shot open Q&A for video production, video strategy, messaging, copywriting, clarity and more.

We meet the second and fourth Thursday of the month on Zoom, sign up if you need help. No obligation to make every meeting.

Join anytime

Is the Video Velocity Mastermind right for you?


3. Competitive Advantage Video Velocity Initiatives

(3 to 9 month contract, depending on scope)

We work with Video Velocity Initiative clients on a focused video strategy for 3 - 5 videos to achieve a specific competitive advantage tailored for their business goals. 

This is perfect for people in transition in the job market, or wanting to begin to monetize their expertise online, or both!

Goals may include:

  • Increase respect and visibility through thought leadership.
  • Elevating personal brand to increase competitiveness in job marketplace.
  • Monetizing expertise via launching short courses and masterminds.
  • Building an email list for scaling impact and sales.

I work with a few select 1:1 clients each year helping them develop and implement a video-powered marketing strategy for a specific outcome. 


I invest a lot of time and heart in my Concierge clients. This program requires an application and Zoom interview,  so I can learn more about your goals, answer any questions you may have, and we can see if we are a mutual fit.


This comprehensive service is the fastest way to execute on video. This is for clients with a sense of urgency and bias for action.

Step one is to fill out this form and let me know you are interested in the CAVV program.

This program is a Done With You program, that requires some focused time from clients every week.

If you are very busy and cannot commit to a production calendar with milestones to finish the project, this program is not a fit for you. 

In that case I would love to serve you via the Video Velocity Mastermind, perfect for making progress on a more flexible time frame.  

4. Retainer arrangement for creative services related to messaging and video.

Do you have a video content system that adds value, not chaos, to your business? 

Are your scripts or blog posts engaging the right people with the right message? 

Do you need to convert your current messaging to a pipeline of videos? 

If so, you may be a fit for a retainer arrangement with our team.

Let's find out.

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