Are you ready to go big as a trusted expert and thought leader?

The first Visibility Velocity Mastermind is sold out.

But I still got you covered.

We've started a waiting list for our second group that will begin in March.
Please fill out the form below and we'll keep you posted weekly.

We'll also send you the Brilliant Masterplan Packet planning tool to help you sketch out your vision. 

Be sure to check out the info about the VVMM experience, below this form, too. 

Are you ready to scale your online audience? 

Are you ready to go big
to grow your following,
move beyond 1:1 client work,
make more money,
control your destiny,
take care of your family and community, and in general just create a bigger dent in the Universe?

Hey, me too! I am building visibility in 2021 for my author / writer brand, so we will be working together on going bigger. 

For most entrepreneurs, money and time are at a premium. It's time to get choosy on how you spend both, as well as who you attract to your tribe. 

You may have heard that it takes 1000 true fans to make a living online. 

So it makes sense to work on smart strategies that don't spray you, your content, your money and time all over the interwebs like just so much noise, right?  

Authors, consultants, podcast hosts, industry or thought leader influencers are examples of people who can benefit from this opportunity. 

This approach works because building visibility online is not just a to-do list. It is a system with 2 basic levels - the inner game and the “how to”.

How this is different:

We don't just talk about "what to do". We are intelligent beings who balance feeling and action. The truth is, no matter what our “goals”, most of our actions (or lack thereof!) originate from our habits. 

Experts in personal development tell us that up to 95% of our potential is locked up in a part of our consciousness that we rarely access. 

In a Mastermind, you have caring people who mirror back to you what we see.  This helps you get past your subconscious blocks. I have done extensive work with clearing my own subconscious blocks and I have suggestions if you get stuck. 

And, while we are at it - if you are ready to do video, or do better video, or scale up doing video, everything you need is here for you, in a supportive environment.

In our first mastermind, for example, one woman has been doing lots of video, one is just starting, and one is not working on video in the mastermind at all, she's focusing on a different growth goal.


How about you? Do you have a plan to increase engagement with your email list and followers, get going with video, build excitement for a book?

If you are tired of doing every.single.little.thing in your business pretty much all by yourself, I invite you to learn more about the Mastermind.

This is for ambitious, focused professionals - thought leaders and trusted experts who are, or want to be, building out their own brand online through smart strategy.

 You don't have to have all the answers on day one.  Everyone works at their own pace.

If you have the time and mental head space to focus on this process, you will see progress.

I invite you to find out more. 

We'll also send you the Brilliant Masterplan Packet planning tool to help you sketch out your vision. 



The next group will meet at 2:00 PM CDT on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. Meetings last from 45 minutes to an hour.


Our focus is 
How to show up bigger online to build an engaged following, and maybe even make more money (woohooo), using smart strategies for promotion, social media and more.

This is a value-packed, hands on, action required workshop for people who want accountability executing on milestones and making progress.

I have a basic structure for each quarter that will adapt to the needs of the group.

Each member will be given access to our exclusive VVMM Members Hub which includes the Velocity Vault, with short trainings and courses, including the complete Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method (value $497). We will be adding more business and marketing resources to the Vault all year, too.

You can also start with a streamlined Brilliant Master Plan packet  to create an initial strategy for high value social media and networking outreach.

We will share our packets in the group and give feedback. We will help each other stay on track as you execute the details of your plan.

You can set your goal to be whatever you want related to the purposes of this Mastermind. If you aren't sure what to prioritize, we'll talk about that in the Mastermind.

We will have accountability check-ins, hot seats, themes for every meeting. 

If we need some outside expertise, I'll research and may source a guest speaker or two. 



I  strongly suggest you do some video and I have video expertise and some great tools to help you with that. This is the only mastermind of its kind that includes a complete course for how to create quality DIY video.

Your membership includes the Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method as part of our Velocity Resource Vault. 

Some clients may want to add on a video coaching package to the Mastermind. I only have time to work with 1 private client at a time, so if you are interested let me know now so we can reserve your spot. 

But no, you don't have to do video to be in the Mastermind. 


You are the boss of you. And, we know life happens. Here is our policy: 

Members who don't show twice in row will be excused from the group. 

A mastermind thrives on collective wisdom and is only as strong as the members' commitment. 


Yes! If you want to submit your questions early, that's awesome!

Please post your question in the VVMM member hub. 


We will be sending out emails in January as we get started. After that, I can't guarantee we will remind you. You have mad calendar skillz, I'm sure. Please check our online hub for meeting dates.  

If you miss a session, you can always access the recording, too. 


Our focus for 2021 is how to build and monetize an online audience and following for thought leaders, for example,  writers, bloggers, podcasters, trusted experts. Questions about how to do that are welcome! 


No. People don't show up to freebies with their best, badass self.  Eventually people don't show up at all.

I encourage you to own that YOU are not a freebie experience, either. 

For new members, the initial investment is $397 for access to the Velocity Vault and includes your first month.

After that, the introductory rate investment is  $97 per month, you may cancel at any time.

Previous MYB Method clients who already have access to the Vault simply start with $97 per month for the Mastermind. 

We don't offer pro-rated month refunds, so please plan accordingly. 

Yes, if we are a mutual fit and I have space available. The $97 is an introductory rate that will increase later this year for new members, to more accurately match the value of the program.  


Please join our waiting list and I will be in touch as soon as we open the next group. 


You may cancel at anytime, your cancellation takes effect the last day of the month.
 Just send us an email at   

To keep our admin costs low and keep this program affordable, we are not able to offer refunds so please plan accordingly. 

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 4 or 5 members per group.  It's "first come first served" to sign up for a call with me to see if we are a mutual fit. The waiting list gets first notification. 

We'll also send you the Brilliant Masterplan Packet planning tool to help you sketch out your vision.