To me, travel is so much more than a margarita-soaked package vacay. 

After an extended bout of midlife depression, travel gave me back my physical and mental health, my inner spirit, my creativity, my courage, my mojo. 

And it can do the same for you.

Especially now that we are entering the first phase of post-pandemic, when people are craving not only taking that trip they may have been putting off before, but also craving the answer to some basic, important questions.  

Why am I (still) here?

What am I supposed to be doing?

How can I help my corner of the world? 


Yes, you can sit on your comfy couch and contemplate all of the above. You may be there right now. No worries, I get it! 

In my experience, though, comfy couch syndrome only gets you as far as the fridge and back.

Travel can be like rocket fuel for your INNER journey. You have the answers inside, and travel helps them to surface. 

I created the Way of the Tigress system to help you with get more meaning out of travel. all of the above. 

The first Way of the Tigress book is coming soon: Inner Journey, Outer Adventure - 60 Days + a Trip to a More Powerful You. 

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