Do you understand the big picture business reasons why video is so valuable and why you are seeing so much more of it online?


If you are the face of your business...

To achieve the dream of working smarter, not harder,
to expand impact and monetize your expertise to break out of
the time for dollars trap,
to stay competitive in a crowded field,
to deeply engage your existing clients, 
to nurture and convert a steady stream of new leads...

...the one thing you must have is a plan for more
video in your business. See Video 1 for a quick overview. 

Do you understand the big picture business reasons why video
is so valuable and why you are seeing so much more of it online? 

If not, check out Video 2 to the right where I explain more
about the main 2 reasons video is taking over as the medium of
choice. The short answer is, Google and Facebook both favor
video (meaning higher rankings / more shares for video) 
because it helps their business models, which depend upon
attracting and keeping people's attention - which is exactly
what video does best.

The videos on this page complement the text in each section. Kala will walk you
through the information. We created them for those of you who prefer to watch
videos rather than read. 

Other fun fact - these videos are formatted to optimize viewing on a mobile phone.
Videos are viewed on phones up to 80% of the time. Are you on your phone right now? : D

Another reason video is taking over the internet is because, well, humans like to watch videos. Check out Video 3 short video - "Why Our Brain Loves Your Audience" for the reasons why.

The challenge is, there are some challenges. 

We know creating video content can feel SO annoying.     

If you are undecided, let me ask you - If you could wave a
magic wand and instantly create great videos for your business,
would you do it?

Yes, I thought so.

We know there are a few obstacles in your way. 

Where to find the time? Where to start? What to say? 
And a biggie for some women - camera anxiety.

In the video I talk a little bit about what kept some of our clients
from saying YES to video for their business before they came to us.

If you are confused or overwhelmed, it is not your fault. 

​It does not mean you aren't technical enough, or creative
enough, or smart enough to figure out video. 

Video is  like putting together a puzzle. Check out the Video 6,
I explain why. 

If you don’t have experience in video production, there will be some
holes in your puzzle. Well, not to worry.  My team and I are the video
puzzle ninjas
. ​Find our more below.

Hello. I'm an internet grandma.  : ) 








My background is in marketing. I'm also more than half geek, which made me a natural for web site consulting and design in the 90's, and after that, production for marketing videos.

Over the last 15 years, I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and non profits, creating short marketing videos for clients of brands like and CitySearch.

Kala Philo, Video Coach and Founder

3 years ago I left the nest really empty. I sold or
donated everything that wouldn’t fit into my car to
free up funds and flexibility to travel, meet new
amazing people, and take a deep dive into digital

This 1 minute video explains how all that led me to
create a totally unique method to help female
coaches and consultants save time, money and still
create quality videos!

Your options up until now.    : (

After watching the rise of online video over the last 15 years,
and now seeing the acceleration of the "video" effect in marketing,
I've come to realize...

Your programs can be great...
Your coaching can be amazing...

But if you are not mirroring your brilliance out to the world with video,
you are working harder than ever for less reach, less engagement, and
less impact. It will become almost impossible to remain competitive online.

I think I know why you are hesitating, because your options up until now for integrating video into your business have not been that great.
​I talk about how some of those options can actually hold you back, in Video 7.

The Key is a System


Feeling a little overwhelmed when getting started with video is normal.

What cuts through the confusion is a system that shows you step by step how to take control, save time and money from creating your first video to a flow of videos. 

You need the before, during and after of the video process to all flow together.  Here is the secret: the "how to" is not that hard, with the right system. 

I encourage you to forget about the "how will I do this" just for a minute, and think bigger. Let's get excited about the possibilities!

Let's imagine for a moment - What would your business look like in 6 months if you added video?

How would your client engagement and sales process be affected if prospects
could easily see your expertise mirrored on video? 

Your ability to finally monetize your in-person expertise, even when you are not there?

What if you knew exactly which videos to create, first, based on your business goals right now?

What if you could efficiently script, practice and shoot your videos with confidence,
and give you footage that is a breeze to edit?

Check out our programs to help you get started. 

Video testimonial

"So whether you're totally new to this,
or you've already got some videos
​under your belt... this system is kind of
- Barb Steinberg, Teen Life Coach and Speaker



Laurie Lynn Hogan,
​non-profit executive and a repeat client for over 7 years.

I have to say working with Kala, she gets it. She dives right in and can get to the juice of what I'm trying to accomplish and what my mission is and she can pull that out with just elegance and grace and ease which I'm a little jealous of!

And yes, we've, we've made some really incredible videos together and I'm so excited that she's taking the best parts of those processes and putting them into a process and a system for you. To be able to jump over this hurdle, it's a speed bump right?

So I highly encourage and recommend that you connect with Kala and talk with her and learn about which of her services are best for you. I promise you, you will not regret it. She's an excellent guide. Has just her finger on the pulse of how to communicate in a way that brings the best of your mission out into the world and shows the best of who you are and she does it with. 

She's so much fun to work with and  you'll be proud of what you create at the other end. So call her. Call her now!
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