Hello! Thanks for your interest.

Writing, editing, video, empathy and drinking coffee are the core of my professional skill stack. 

I create marketing collateral to help B2C technology businesses attract and retain customers. I like to make complex topics accessible to specific audiences. 

My specialty is marketing video, strategic email campaigns and blog posts.

I work on a retainer basis with clients. Please be in touch if you would like to chat. 


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More writing:

I blog about Web 3.0 stuff like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), smart devices, Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), NFTs (tokens recorded on the blockchain), alternative currency, Internet of Things (IoT), decentralized finance (DeFi), and more.

Woah - each of those topics is a world unto itself, right? That's why I focus on these niches:

  • Empathy in tech communications and marketing.
  • Web3 technology applications that expand opportunity to underserved groups.
  • Impact investment and micro-finance in Web3 space.
  • Web3 innovations and businesses focused on environmental, social and equity impact to fix what's wrong in the world. 

Speaking of what's wrong with the world. We can't fix the outside world without working on the inner game. 

Travel is my preferred way of navigating life transitions. I adopted a remote work lifestyle in 2015, five years before COVID-19. I lived in dozens of different places, including Mexico City for two years.

Along the way I developed a unique framework for personal growth through travel. I produce The Way of the Tigress, a blog for restless souls craving personal growth and travel. I share stories from working remotely in Mexico City, Baja, Ecuador, Europe, Montana, NYC, for starters. I also share lots of pictures and stories on Instagram.

I've distilled what I learned into the ultimate travel guide for your inner and outer journey. The book is called The Way of the Tigress - Inner Journey / Outer Adventure To A More Powerful You. Coming early 2022. 

More love:

Apart from writing and prowling the planet, here are a few more things I love:

  • mat pilates every day
  • dark chocolate - minimum 85%, don't come 'round here with that 60% cacao nonsense
  • platicando en español
  • snow skiing in Montana, the last best place
  • reading a real book with thick pages on a plane in business class
  • dogs, bears, whale sharks and octopi
  • hiking in mountains, jungles and big cities
  • healthy farms and ranches

  • the sound of silence in the morning
  • authentic people working to leave this beautiful, beleaguered Earth better than they found it

    How about you? Connect and let me know on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram