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1. VIDEO: Scatter the small fry like a grinning Great White shark,  break out from the ocean of bad video with MYB Scroll Stopping videos for brand awareness.

I write and produce killer short marketing video packages with a small, intense team. See the video we did for Tim Grover, best-selling author of Relentless and trainer for Michael Jordan, Kobe and more,  and get more info about our service,  when you sign in on the homepage:

MYB Scroll Stopping Video Shorts

2. WRITING SERVICES:  Looking for fresh, smart STRATEGIC marketing copy,  share-worthy articles, SEO friendly blog posts people actually read, or video scripting? 

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Add some velocity to your copy.

3. Connect and Grow: I lead the Visibility Velocity Mastermind,  the ONLY personal branding growth mastermind that includes an optional comprehensive course on how to create quality DIY video and marketing video strategy. Find out more here: 

Visibility Velocity Mastermind

4. KalaPhilo.com is where I write and create content for ambitious, diverse, unconventional entrepreneurs  who crave next level personal growth and networking via immersive experiences of living and working in other countries.  

You can join me over there and follow me on Medium, a high quality blog website. 

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5. I am an experienced, engaging, audience-focused guest on podcasts, zoom meetings, virtual summits and more.  I make you look good in front of your peeps!  Please email me for more information and availability.    EMAIL KALA 

 6. I lead a Facebook group for Women Over 40 Building Online Businesses.  We welcome  all ages. Find us here on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WEover40

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