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Actual kudos from a client who made my day. And this was even before her email 
converted at 60% to a warm audience, thus making HER day. 

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Looking for some help with marketing writing and / or videos?

Smart move. 

If writing and video creation are not your strong suit, I know your frustration.

I know this because, every year in April when the taxman cometh, I find myself wishing that accounting was my strong "suit" - you know, like that suit that hangs in the back of the closet that you only wear to funerals.

I know the taxing activity (ha ha) is important to my business, but I do not have a talent for bookkeeping.

I also know your frustration because I see that harried look dissolve into relief on a client’s face when I take a draft of a blog post, email, landing page and make it all better. 

Many years ago, my friends told me about a Cafeteria Lady in the dining hall at Texas A&M University who was famous for her delivery.

Wielding a bent metal ladle in one beefy brown hand, she loaded up chicken fried steak with gooey peppery gravy onto plastic trays and plunked them down with a smack on the counter, calling out, “Good eatin’, and lots of it!”

It's the same with your content - the secret to success in engaging and growing your online audience is good content, and lots of it.

This is what you need. 

“Lots of it” -  quantity.  If that makes you wince, I got you covered and will explain how in a sec. 

Internet branding guru GaryVee says this: “People demonize quantity when actually, it is the singular unlock of an internet infrastructure”. 

To that I say, "What?"

That's GaryVee's odd way of saying lots of content attracts exponentially more attention than a little bit of content. 

But, just like too much bad chicken fried steak leads to disappointing results, like the dreaded freshman 15 weight gain, so does bad content. 

You know this because you already tune out reams of mediocre content online everyday.  

The good news is I know how to create lots of good content quickly, in chunks that relate to each other so that your messaging is cohesive and contextual across platforms. 

GaryVee also says “The variable of success in your marketing is the quality of the content”. 

A couple of years ago Selena Soo, another internet multimillionaire and Founder of Impacting Millions, published a post called Seven Secrets to Seven Figures. 

Guess what Secret #3 was? Great Copy. 

So before we go onto some examples of great copy, let's ask ourselves "What is bad content?" 

Bad content is self-centered, not bringing value, not optimized for specific social media platforms, stuffed with keywords so it reads like an SEObot wrote it, or finally, not appropriate for where the audience is in their journey with you. We'll get back to copy in a second. 

What so special about me?

Mrs. Soames endorses me.
My teacher in senior AP English class said I was the best writer in the class. My best friend was a tad jealous. So I got that going for me, and for you. 

Strangers open up to me.
We’ll be chatting and suddenly they just spill the beans and then say, “I can’t believe I just told you that.” 

I often think, "Wow, that makes two of us".

This has been the case my whole life, or at least since I was old enough to talk to strangers.

Why do they do this? It is because I am an introvert, a very good listener, naturally empathetic, and off-the-charts intuitive and observant. 

Why should you care?

I bring those same qualities not only to my clients, but also to researching and creating content for your audience. 

I “see” them in a deep way. 

I am a fabulous filter for being sure that your content is ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE, not about you or some other agenda. (And yes, even content about you should be presented in a way that is about them.)

One thing you should know. I require that my clients tattoo the phrase “Why should they care?” on their arm.  Roses, skulls, busty mermaids or dragon embellishments are optional. 

Just kidding.

But I do always ask  "Why should the audience care?" before writing a piece of content or videofying a script.

Yes, videofy is a word, it's my word. (Think about it, why isn't there a verb for making videos?)

Which brings me to another big advantage I bring to you. 

I have years and years of experience creating powerful short marketing videos.  

This is a huge value add for my services if your content goals include video. Most copywriters do not know how to script short videos. 

They certainly don't know how to do video. I do.

I have a whole course that teaches you how to save time and money, creating your own quality DIY marketing videos. 

They also don't have a V3 Video team that creates killer, scroll-stopping, emotional 1 minute brand videos. 

I do.

Both of the above goodies are included in some of my Videofy Retainer Bundles. 

En fin

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In the meantime, one of the best ways to show you how I work is to, well, show you. 

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